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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Old English Company | Product Review

It's the weekend at last! But it kind of doesn't seem that long ago since it was last weekend! But whatever you are doing, I hope you have a good one. If you are wondering what my weekend is going to be spent doing, this weekend I'm working, but you will also most likely find me binge-watching on Netflix, eating cookies and playing on Animal Crossing! Ok, so I may have eaten most of my cookies last night! They are just so good! It's also about time I did a little Spring cleaning in my room. I really need to sort out my draws. I've literally just stuffed everything into them, oops! I've got a few bits too that I need to make room for. If you are looking for some more weekend reading, check out this brilliant book by Author Alice Blanchard. Or maybe you are looking for some new beauty products, head on over to my beauty section to find out more.

I'm very excited to share with you, these beautiful products* in the photos above and below by Old English Company. I absolutely adore all of their products. As soon as I received the parcel I was straight into it! I have a huge love for stationary and all things pink and cute. The products I chose, was the Blush Pink and Gold Planner, You Can enamel pin, Pizza Lover enamel pin, She Believed She Could Print, You Look Scrumptious pocket mirror, I Like You Alot card and the You Rock card. Each product came safely packaged in a box. I found the website easy to use and navigate around and each section is listed clearly. There's an Instagram slide at the bottom, so if you are looking for some inspiration on what to purchase, there are some very beautiful photos of products which other people have ordered.

I am so so happy with every single item here. If you are looking for your next new planner, or maybe a new pin, or maybe you are looking for your next print to hang on your wall, head on over to their website to check out all of their products. FYI, I think the stationary section has to be my favourite. Filled with planners, notebooks, notepads, calendars, gift wrap and tape, there is so much to choose from. But if you're looking for some new items for your home, the homeware section has a great selection of coasters and placemats, mugs, pillowcases, (definitely recommend checking out the pillowcase section), tea towels and aprons.

I highly recommend checking the website out, as I just know you are going to love it. Filled with prints, cards, homeware, accessories and stationery, there something for everyone at very affordable prices. Old English Company produces beautiful hand-lettered products. They were first established in London and their studios are now located in Stamford. If you haven't been to Stamford before, then I highly recommend adding it to your list of places to visit. Stamford is one of my favourite towns to go to, you definitely need to go and Google it. As I am only about half an hour away from Stamford, I love going there to look around the shops. There are also some wonderful little villages on the way and also Burghley House, which is incredible and so amazing.

Friday, 13 April 2018

A Breath After Drowning by Alice Blanchard | Blog Tour

Hey there! I hope you are having a lovely week. It's almost the weekend! Today my boyfriend and I had a little look around Peterborough, as he had to take his car to be serviced. You just have to have a look at the shops if you're going to Peterborough! It's only about half an hour drive, so it's just up the road. Anyway, we decided to have a look at Queensgate shopping centre. So it was only right that I went to have a quick look in Primark! I went straight to the homeware section, as I've been looking for the Marie collection for a while now. They only had the Marie trinket dish, so I just had to get it! I will definitely be adding it to some of my blog photos! I also found another little trinket dish too. We had a little look at a few other shops and then went home.

Today I'm back with a brand new book review. I'm very honoured to be apart of the A Breath After Drowning* blog tour. This book is by Alice Blanchard and came out on the 10th April and is published by Titan Books. I've also added the blog tour poster at the bottom of this post, where you can find all of the other bloggers who are taking part on this blog tour too. As you can see from the photos, the copy which I was kindly sent was an advanced review copy. Firstly, here's a little bit about the author. Alice Blanchard won the Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction for her book of stories, The Stuntman's Daughter. Her first novel, Darkness Peering was also named one of the New York Times Book Review's Notable Books. Alice's second novel is called The Breathtaker and was an official selection of the NBC Today Book Club. Having previously not read any novels by Alice before, I was very excited to read this one.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Delicious Mini Gluten Free Bread Rolls

I always love homemade bread. Even though you can buy really tasty bread from the supermarket, there's nothing quite like freshly baked bread from your own oven or bread-maker. As soon as you walk into the kitchen, you're greeted with that lovely gorgeous smell. I thought it's about time that I made some of my own bread again, as it's been a while. So today I'm finally back with a brand new recipe post! I have previously done a bread recipe on here before, if you head on over to my categories section at the top and click recipes, you will find it there.

Ok, so I know that these mini bread rolls may resemble a Yorkshire pudding, but honestly, they are very much a mini bread roll! I just decided to bake mine in a Yorkshire pudding tray. But if you are looking for a quick and easy and also delicious, gluten-free bread roll recipe, then I highly recommend checking this one out. I found a recipe online that I followed, as having tried different ones online before, some work better than others. They were a little like a crusty roll on the outside and nice and soft on the inside, which is always a bonus!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

My Mini Shower Gel Collection by The Body Shop

Hey everyone! How's your weekend going? I hope you're having a good one. I think I've mentioned on here about my dreams before, because oh my gosh, I do have some strange ones. But do you ever have dreams where you dream about people you have never seen or met before? Because that's what my dream was. There were people in it that I've never seen before. But the dream felt so real and it felt like a really long dream too, like I can actually remember most of it, which doesn't always happen, I tend to forget most of my dreams. But it was just such a strange dream. I can still picture the two people in it. I woke up this morning and just thought... 'Who was that'? Anyway, enough of me rambling on about my dreams! I really should start one of those dream journals.

Before I get on to today's new post, If you are a big fan of products by The Body Shop, like me, then I highly recommend checking out these gorgeous liquid lipsticks. Also in their makeup range, they do some really lovely eyeshadow palettes, which I absolutely love. I've got a few more products by The Body Shop coming up on my blog soon, which I really can't wait to share with you. This week I received a very exciting package from Old English Company. There will be a blog post coming very soon, so watch this space.

For today's post, I want to share with you my mini collection of The Body Shop shower gels. I do love a nice smelling shower gel, it just makes having a shower that little bit more lovelier and relaxing. The ones I have in the photos above and below are strawberry, coconut and mango. How cute does Fluttershy look in the photos! (She's my favourite character from My Little Pony, so I just had to include her in some pics!) I love putting a generous amount of shower gel on to my pink scrunchie and lathering myself up with fruity bubbles!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Three Gorgeous Liquid Lipsticks by The Body Shop

How lovely has today been! The sun makes me so much better and happier. I even made sure I popped outside to take some photos in the sunshine. Not long now until it will be light until 9:00pm! Our little tree outside in the garden has started sprouting its buds, so I just had to take a few photos. I managed to get some photos of the bumblebees buzzing around the buds too. It's definitely this time of year, I just hope we continue to get some lovely weather, and I'm really looking forward to the nice warm days. I even didn't have to wear my coat for some of today!

If you read the caption underneath my latest Instagram post, you may have seen that I put about really wanting to start a Bullet Journal. It's something I have been wanting to do for quite some time but just haven't got round to starting one. So today I got myself a very pretty sparkly pink Unicorn notebook and I'm going to start one! It would have been nice to have started it in January, to be honest, but better late than never! Please do let me know if you have any posts or videos on making a bullet journal.

For todays brand new blog post, I want to share with you these three gorgeous liquid lipsticks by The Body Shop. I was a bit unsure of what to call this blog post, but the title I decided upon just seems to be so fitting, as they really are three gorgeous liquid lipsticks! I treated myself to my first liquid lipstick quite some time ago now after hearing so much about them. I've been hooked ever since. I just had to share these beauties with you, especially if like me you're a fan of the liquid lipstick. They are definitely worth checking out. You may have already noticed that I included my Belle Pop! Vinyl figure in the photos! I've been looking experimenting with my photos and trying to find what works and what doesn't. I decided that seeing as my Pops are just sitting on my desk, I really should use them more in photos. You can check out my latest Pop! Vinyl figures here. I think they make an amazing blog prop. I added my new potted plant in the photo too. I've got a few blogs props that I haven't used in my photos just yet, so I'm really excited to try them out.
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