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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lifestyle: How To Make Rainbow Cakes

Just some last minute things to do in the morning before work and then its Christmas :)
Ive just been having a go on Black Ops 2 Zombies o_O
but i thought its time to come off... that game is just too addictive :)
Another thing that is addictive is these chocolate coins i have got at the side of me!!!

Anyway i thought i would share this picture i took of a rainbow cake i made.... was very yummy!
They are so fun to make :)

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C
Round up your ingredients
Beat the sugar and butter together, until fluffy and light coloured
    Beat in the eggs one at a time, adding a little flour each time, until you've added it all.
    Ad the vanilla essence, mix
    one tbsp milk, mix
    one tbsp milk, mix
    one tbsp milk, mix
Divide between 6 bowls
Bowl 1- Add half a cap full of red colouring
Bowl 2- Add half a cap full of red and half a cap full of yellow
Bowl 3- Half a cap of yellow
Bowl 4- Half a cap full of green
Bowl 5- Half a cap full of Blue
Bowl 6- Half a cap full of Blue, half a cap full of Red.
(Or you can use whichever colours you want to . You can also just use a few colours)
    Divide the colours in your mixing bowsl between the 12 cases.
    Put in the oven for 15-20 mins
    (pop a skewer or a knife in the middle of the cakes to make sure they are done. If it comes out clean then they are done, if not just pop them back in the oven for a little longer.

    I also made some cupcakes with blueberries in them.... they were also very yummy :)


Beauty: Clinique BB Cream

Only two more sleeps till christmas :)
Almost ready for christmas!!!
I have been very busy this morning wrapping presents!
Gareth and me also had band practice earlier which was really good :) Got some new songs in the making...
Anyway i mentioned a little while back that i was going to do an update for the Clinique BB cream i purchased as i have been using it a few days now.
and you know what...... I LOVE it!!!

It makes your skin feel so much softer and covers blemishes well. My skin also feels loads more moisturised too. It creates a great primer too. But i like to mix mine in with some clinique moisturiser and then put all over my face.
Its got SPF 30 in and also helps to reduce the appearence of fine lines and wrinkles.
This is such an amazing product :)
My skin is very fair so i have Shade 1.
So yeah... i strongly recommend this product :)


Beauty: Bed Time Hair Routine

I always plait my hair at night time before i get in bed.
My nan has always told me that your hair grows longer if you plait it, so that it what i do :)
Im not sure if it does or not, but i love the wavy effect it creates with my hair.

This is how i usually have my hair the day after i have washed it, when i have taken the plaits out, as its not good to wash your hair everyday.


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lifestyle: Yummy Treat..

I love to have a bowl of mixed nuts with blanched almonds mixed in too.
They also act as a healthy snack, as long as you dont have too many a day.

almonds have powerful antioxidant and moisturising properties.
Almonds can support a healthy body weight,
They are rich in vitamin E,
Almonds are also great for your hair and skin and can also help to give your skin a glowing complexion.
I always try to have a few almonds a day.


Lifestyle: Breakfast Time

For my breakfast i usually have either porridge or boiled eggs with a runny yolk (If i dont over cook them!!!) I think its so important to have a good breakfast. Also when i have these for breakfast it fills me up and i dont snack.
There are many good reasons why you should eat eggs.
They keep you fuller for longer (which i have mentioned above)
They help with weight loss,
They are a great source of protein,
I have read that they are great for the eyes,
They also help you hair and nails to be healthy.
I also love to have poached eggs on toast too. I used to love fryed eggs on toast but i stopped eating them a long while ago because of the fat you put them in.
Benefits of eating porridge include...
The fibre in porridge can help digestion and reduce hight blood cholesterol.
They have essential nutrients.
Porridge also helps with weight loss.
I will also do a blog post on what i eat throughout the day :)
Clem x


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Beauty: Night time skin care routine

This is my night time skin care routine.
Firstly i wash my face with Simple Triple action facial scrub.
This product is very gentle on your skin, and as ive already mentioned before i am unable to use any perfumed products on my skin, so these are great products to use.
I then use Simple Purifying Cleanser and Simple Soothing Toner. These are great for removing make-up.
Lastly i use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion ( see older post or my youtube video)
I have seen a great improvement in my skin since using these products.
I love all these perfume free products as they have no harsh chemicals and other bad things in them.
I will also be doing a post on my morning skin care routine and another youtube video real soon.
I think its very important that you take real good care of your skin at night time and in the morning. I always make sure i take my make-up off at bed time even if im very tired.
Clem x


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Beauty: Make up Brushes

My early christmas present :) Ive been wanting some nice new brushes for a while now, so my boyfriend suprised me with these :)
They are nice and soft and are great with putting on make-up.
There are 4 brushes altogether, two are for eyes (one to put on eye liner and one for eyeshadow and blending) one for cheeks and one for lips.
They are by 17.

They come in this really cute case :) with a pink ribbon.


Lifestyle: Bed Time

A nice relaxing nite.... Company Magazine and a nice cup of Green and Peppermint Tea :)


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Fashion: River Island, M&S, BHS - Wedding Outfit

I thought i would share this photo of me wearing the outfit i bought for a wedding i went to recently.
I was so pleased that i found this outfit.
The Dress is from River Island, the shoes are from M&S and the bag is from a little stool which sold handbags. I also had a cardigan which i wore that was from BHS.
Clem x


Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lifestyle: Clipper do Green Tea and Peppermint flavour tea!

I went to the supermarket earlier and look what i found!
Clipper do Green Tea and Peppermint flavour tea.
Im now going to have a cup of this before i get in bed.
I Just thought that i would share this as i love Clipper Teas and this is my favourite flavour!
I also especially love Clipper teas because all their tea bags are unbleached and natural and are also Fairtrade.
Nite Nite


Lifestyle: What i like to drink throughout the day: Also helps my eczema.

These are two of my favourite Green Teas. I usually have a mint green tea when i wake up in the morning and again and night before i go to bed. And then i usually have fruit flavoured herbal teas throughout the day.

I love Clipper teas. especially rhis one and also the one in the pink coloured box, but i cant remember which flavour that one is now.
They are all caffine free, and they do wonders to your skin. As i already mentioned in one of my videos i have eczema and since drinking the herbal teas it has gotten a lot better. I do still get quite bad flare ups, but usually its because i havent been drinking many herbal teas! It shows!
Im not saying that it is a cure and will work for everyone, but it has definitly worked for me and is still working.
Clem x


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Beauty: December favourites: Clinique

Here is a photo of the clinique products i used in my video. I have the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion 125ml and the Age Defense BB Cream SPF30, 40ml.
These are amazing products which i love, i have only been using the moisturizer a few days but have noticed a great difference in how much better my skin is. The current foundation which i am using is Supermoisture makeup 30ml. This is an amazing product and makes your skin sparkle in the light. I have had this foundation for a few months and i have still got quite a bit left.
I also have the little bag of goodies that i got for free which include testers of some of there products. I also got free delivery as an offer which was really good.
Although the products are a little bit dearer they do last a long time and are worth it.

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