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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lifestyle: What i like to drink throughout the day: Also helps my eczema.

These are two of my favourite Green Teas. I usually have a mint green tea when i wake up in the morning and again and night before i go to bed. And then i usually have fruit flavoured herbal teas throughout the day.

I love Clipper teas. especially rhis one and also the one in the pink coloured box, but i cant remember which flavour that one is now.
They are all caffine free, and they do wonders to your skin. As i already mentioned in one of my videos i have eczema and since drinking the herbal teas it has gotten a lot better. I do still get quite bad flare ups, but usually its because i havent been drinking many herbal teas! It shows!
Im not saying that it is a cure and will work for everyone, but it has definitly worked for me and is still working.
Clem x


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