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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Beauty: Lush - Mr Bumble!

I just had to share these little lovelies with you...
My boyfriends little sister and brother actually got me these for christmas :)
They smell AMAZING!!!
They come wrapped up in this cute little cloth that you can see below in the pictures.
They are by Lush.
and i LOVE Lush products.
They are made with natural ingredients so they do not irritate my skin.
The first one below is the Honey I Washed The Kids Soap! (love the name)
I havent actually used this one just yet.... but im gonna :)
It has Honey Water in it, Coconut Oil and Sweet Wild Orange Oil. It also has Aloe Vera extract too.

The one below is called Honey Bee Bath Ballistic.
I have used a little bit of this one in the bath and it such a lovely smell when you get in the bath. It also leaves your skin feeling nice and soft...... and smelling nice :)
It has Honey in it and Aloe Vera extract, organic Aloe Vera Gel and Sweet Wild Orange oil.

They came in this cute little bag below which i love :)
Gotta love cute packaging!!!

So yeah... im loving these loads.... I will be going to lush next time i go shopping and im going to buy some of their different products which i will also do a review on :)


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lifestyle: Having a Nook of a time!

Hi :)
I thought i would share with you one of my presents i got for christmas as i think these are awesome and i recommend them too :)
I got A Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.
This one is not in colour but when all you need it for is reading then its great.
You can buy a copy of your fave mag such as cosmo, look and many more. I havent done this just yet as i like my mags with colour in them when looking at fashion and beauty.
I have purchashed 3 books so far on this and i love reading them on the Nook. I though i would miss having proper books with pages to read but i love it. Its also very handy to have as i have run out of space on my book shelf, so i can have all my books that i buy now stored in my Nook.
You hold down the button for two seconds at the botton of your Nook amd the glowlight comes on meaning you can read this in bed and not have to get out of bed to turn the light on or off whilst reading and when you have finished reading.
It has WiFi on it so you can connect it to the internet so you can buy your books. There is also Nook WiFi which is logged in, but i havent been within range yet to use it.
Heres some pics...

I bought the purple case from Amazon as its best to have a cover so the screen so it does not get scratched and broke. The case has a little poket on the inside as you can see in the pic, which is handy if you want to put notes or anything whith your Nook.
It is also just the right size to put in your bag so you can take it wherever you go.
The charger that comes with it attaches to a plug so you can plug it in normally to charge it, which is easy if you are not near your computer. You can also unattach it from the plug and charge it with the usb part in your computer.
I am loving this very much and i will be taking this with me to college so i can read while on my dinner break as i love reading, rather than having books everywhere and getting the pages messed up.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Lifestyle: How to make the most of whats in your fridge

Don't you hate it when you cant decide on what you want to eat and yet you have a fridge full of stuff!!
Well thats what happens to me.
You may just have different foods in your fridge and think you can only have these with that meal or these with this meal.
But you can mix and match foods and make them into a delicious meal.
Me and my mum always use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as its a more healthier oil to cook with.
I put a little bit of the oil in to a pan.

I then chopped some mushrooms and put them in to the oil in the pan.

I chopped them into smaller pieces as they cook quicker this way.

I looked in the fridge and found a packet of salad leaves.

I also found some cherry tomatoes and sliced them into smaller pieces and added them to the mushrooms.

We love to put seeds on salads as they are healthy and add that extra crunch to it.
I sprinkled a few of these on top of the salad leaves.

and then.... you have a yummy but also healthy meal using different foods from your fridge so that none of them will go to waste. I also put with it some sliced turkey that needed eating up.

:) i thought i would treat myself to two of my favourite yogurts.
(not as healthy... i know! But hey, its New Years Day!!!)

And to finish off with..... a lovely cup of summer berry tea :)


Beauty: Simple - Shower Time

I just had to write about this product as i love it...
I have been using this a while now and it feels so nice on your skin and leaves it feeling soft.
It is Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Shower Cream.
It is perfume free so it perfect for my skin. A lot of shower creams and gels i have tried really irritate my skin. but not this one.... :)
As i put in a previous post i use the Simple Skin Care range for my face.
They are just such amazing products. And there is no harmful stuff in them at all.
I strongly recommend the Simple range products :)
Clem x


Beauty: Hair Products and Happy New Year!

Hi :)
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year.
I had an awesome New Years Eve drumming for The Sound Injectors.
Today i have had band practice with the band i am in 'Romantic Idols'
I have put the links on the right hand side so you can veiw our music and video's.
Before christmas i purchased these two hair products.
Unfortunately i havent come across any non perfumed hair products that have made my hair all nice and soft and shiny.
I have tried a few but they just dont seem to work and my hair feels dull.
I have been using these products for a couple of weeks now and they havent irritated my skin.
The first product which i apply to my hair after i have towel dried it is L'oreal Paris Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light Conditioning Shine Spray. This is also a Leave-in Spray. I also usually do my make up after i have towel dried my hair as it gives my hair a little bit longer to dry on its own, as ive found that if i apply the products straight after ive washed my hair they do not work as well.

It says that it is enriched with citrus and pearl ( which is mother of pearl powder)
This product does not feel heavy on my hair and also leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft and shiny.

After applying the leave-in spray i then spray on V05 Heat Protection Spray.
This also doesnt feel heavy on my hair. I was using a heat protection spray by TIGI but it left my hair feeling very heavy and not feeling very nice.
This protects your hair up to 230'C. It also helps prevent frizz.
And it does what it says.
My hair doesnt feel dried out after i have blow dried it, it feels lovely and soft.
These two products smell lovely :)

And so do these :)
I have also found that these two products do not irritate my skin either, as i said before that when i have used fragrance free hair products they dont seem to do much with my hair.
I am currently using Herbal Essences Ignite My Colour shampoo and L'oreal Elvive Colour Protect.
These two really bring out the colour in my hair and it hasnt hardly faded as much as it was doing.
They really bring the blonde and also the little brown bit i have in my hair.
I am really loving these products.
Sometimes i am using a product and my hair just gets used to it and doesnt have the same effect anymore. But my hair is loving these.
I also love the fact that they do not make my skin feel irritated.
Clem x
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