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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Beauty: Lush - Mr Bumble!

I just had to share these little lovelies with you...
My boyfriends little sister and brother actually got me these for christmas :)
They smell AMAZING!!!
They come wrapped up in this cute little cloth that you can see below in the pictures.
They are by Lush.
and i LOVE Lush products.
They are made with natural ingredients so they do not irritate my skin.
The first one below is the Honey I Washed The Kids Soap! (love the name)
I havent actually used this one just yet.... but im gonna :)
It has Honey Water in it, Coconut Oil and Sweet Wild Orange Oil. It also has Aloe Vera extract too.

The one below is called Honey Bee Bath Ballistic.
I have used a little bit of this one in the bath and it such a lovely smell when you get in the bath. It also leaves your skin feeling nice and soft...... and smelling nice :)
It has Honey in it and Aloe Vera extract, organic Aloe Vera Gel and Sweet Wild Orange oil.

They came in this cute little bag below which i love :)
Gotta love cute packaging!!!

So yeah... im loving these loads.... I will be going to lush next time i go shopping and im going to buy some of their different products which i will also do a review on :)


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