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Monday, 8 April 2013

Fashion: April Favourites

So  this month im loving these little beauties i found.

1st picture - I am so in love with these scarves... The one on the left is from Peacocks and the one on the right is from Primark.

2nd picture - I so happy i found these. These are both from primark and were in the sale section for £1 each!! Im a size 3 and found a lot of these in the sale, but these 2 really stood out. I also bought another pair, but they are currently being used for gigging in :)

3rd picture -  This is outfit of the day on my instagram. My mum got me this amazing bag which i just love sooo much :) and the cardigan which i am also loving is from Peacocks. The scarf is also from Peacocks. I am also wearing a little camisole underneathe which if from primark, (i have loads of these as they are only £2 each and are great for putting under cardigans and also jumpers so you dont get cold.)

4th picture - This is basically the same as im wearing on the left, but a bit bigger picture. I love the scarf :)

I went shopping today in Lincoln today and went to primark!! (of course!!) I bought some new scarves, (i think i have a slight addiction to scarves!!) i also bought 2 new cardigans.
I will be doing a blog post on these very soon :)

I also went to Lush while i was in Lincoln and they gave me a free tester of this oats and almonds face mask as they didnt currently have any in stock :( but im really looking forward to trying this out...  (and luckily they said they will get some more in on Wednesday!)

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