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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Fashion: Outfit of the Day!

When I went shopping the other day I just had to go in Primark!!
I was looking for a new dress, as I don't usually wear dresses but I though why not, lets buy a dress!
So I was walking round (as you do) and stumbled upon this little number.

I love the pattern and the colours on this dress.
Its nice and light and is very comfortable.
The dress was £13.
(Such a bargain!)

I teamed the dress with these cute little black pumps with bows and studs on.
I love how comfy these pumps are :)
These pumps are from Peacocks and were £8.

I also added a few accessories and put my new bracelets which I got from Primark with it.
(Primark Jewellery  haul coming soon)

I love how simple yet cute these bracelets are on the picture above.

These came as a bunch on the picture above, I'm really in to these types of bracelets at the moment, I love the ones with the spikes.
I wore this outfit today as I was going to a carnival. Such a lovely sunny and warm day today, (about time!)


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