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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lifestyle: I got my Helix pierced!

I decided when i was in town the other day that i was going to get my ear pierced!
I wanted something different and the guy who did the piercings recommended getting my Helix pierced!

Luckily he put numbing spray on so it didn't hurt, but i will admit that it did hurt a little afterwards and is still a little sore now... but i love it!!

As you can see i also have my tragus pierced. I had this done quite a few years ago.
I also have the top right hand side of my ear pierced as well as both my lobes done on each ear. When i was 16 i got my bellybutton pierced and when i was 17 i got my nose pierced, but i don't really wear my nose stud anymore as it doesn't seem to suit me. I love my piercings, but i don't think i will have anymore done, not just yet anyway!


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