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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

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What I'm good at

  • Face Makeup - I feel that i have improved loads on applying make up since i first started wearing it when i was a lot younger. I love applying make up to my face and i always feel much better when wearing it. I think i am good at applying foundation in a way that makes it look natural but whilst covering blemishes. 
  • Lips - I love wearing lip stick, i never used be very good at putting it on when i first started wearing it, but now i love putting it on. I recently bought a lovely one by Revlon in Cappuccino. 
  • Eyes - I feel i am good when it comes to eye make up, i usually put just a light pink or brown eye-shadow on my eyes and then put some eyeliner on and then mascara.
  • Skincare - I have an obsession over skin care products and have to take my make up off every night before bed. I am quite good when it comes to this as i could never leave my make up on over night.
  • Nails - I love applying nail varnish. I recently bought this nail varnish from Barry M which changes colour when you apply a top coat :) its amazing. I am a lot better at applying nail varnish now than i used to be! It used to get very messy!
  • Body - I always exfoliate my skin everyday and love using natural products to shower myself with. I love to take good care of my body and moisturise. It is very important to look after your skin.
  • Lifestyle - I feel i am getting better at looking after myself more as i have had to change my diet recently and cut out many different foods. But by doing this i have started to eat healthier and eat more veg and also drinking a lot more herbal and fruit teas.

  • Things I'm bad at

    • Face Makeup - I think i have got to a stage now where i am confident in doing my face make up and applying it how i want it.
    • Lips - I could do with making sure i don't let my lips get dry, as  i sometimes forget to put any lip balm on!
    • Eyes - The one thing i wish i was a lot better with is applying eyeliner! I always end up having one side different to the other!
    • Skincare - The only thing i sometimes do which is naughty is that although i take my make up off every night i sometimes don't wash my face before or after cleansing.
    • Nails - I sometimes get a little messy when applying a top coat to my nails after putting nail varnish on. Nail varnish i am fine with, but the top coat seems to go everywhere!
    • Body - I used to try and exercise quite a bit but i haven't done as much recently as i would like, so i am definitely going to work on this!
    • Lifestyle - I am still quite terrible for having a lot of sugar! I  have tried to cut down how much i put in my porridge in the mornings. I have stopped putting it in my fruit teas which is a great improvement!

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