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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Colourglide Lip Colour - The Body Shop

Hello my lovely readers :)

Following on from yesterdays blog post, i want to share with you another favourite lipstick of mine that i wear on a daily basis.
(You can never have too many lipsticks!)

This one is from The Body Shop.

Colourglide Lip Colour - The Body Shop

Our classic lipstick gives intense, moisturising colour that lasts.
Lasting colour
Dermatologically tested

This is a lovely lipstick and my lips feel moisturised when wearing it.

Although it isn't a bright colour it looks very nice and natural on the lips.  

I also love the simple silver packaging it comes in.

I got the shade 'Plum' number 85481.

They have so many other lovely shades too :)

The lipstick applies easy to the lips and isn't messy.

This lipstick cost £10.00 from The Body Shop which is a little pricey for what i would usually pay for a lipstick, but this lasts a long time on your lips so you don't need to keep reapplying it.

I highly recommend trying this lipstick and it comes in lots of other lovely shades too.

You can also buy this Online.

Please let me know your favourite brands of lipstick as i love to try new ones :)


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