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Thursday, 12 December 2013

How To Get Emma Watson's Style

Emma Watson looks amazing these simple black trousers, white shirt, cape and boots.
Emma is definitely one of my favourite style icons. She always looks so perfect.

The Cape Emma is wearing here is actually by Derek Lam and costs £579.53 which is quite expensive so i have some cheaper alternatives which still look amazing and expensive :)

                                                          BouclĂ© Cape by Derek Lam


You can buy Emma's Cape from here.

1.  This cape is from BooHoo and is currently in the sale at £12. This cape is a real bargain, this is one of the cheapest i have found so far. 
You can buy this cape from here.

2. This cape is from ASOS and costs £75. This cape is made from a warm woven wool blend. This is definitely my favourite out of the three. It looks lovely and comes with a hood. It also comes with toggles and i love the checked lining. 
You can buy this cape from here

3. This cape is from Missguided and costs £39.99. This has a faux fur trim hood and looks very stylish. This one comes in two colours, black and beige. This one looks very snug :)
You can buy this cape from here.


Monday, 2 December 2013

Ponds Nourishing Cream

Hi Guys!

I recently went on the hunt to find a new face cream, as my skin starts to get very dry when the weather gets colder.

I went to my local Boots store and had a look across the shelves and come across the Ponds range.
I have tried the Ponds cold cream in the past and really liked it. So i though i would give one of their moisturisers a try.

This cream says that it "Improves the skin’s texture and illuminates skin revealing a youthful radiant glow."

This cream has definitely improved the texture of my skin and is very hydrating.

I always find it hard to find a really good hydrating inexpensive face cream. I have tried so many that make my skin feel worse or they makes me get break outs.

At £4.99 this is a real bargain and you get a lot of the cream in the pot. It also has White tea extract in and SPF 15.

I love the packaging this product come in.

You can buy this product from Boots or on their online store.

I highly recommend try the Ponds range as they are great products and are a great price :)

Which face creams do you like to use?

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