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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Thinking positive and looking closer at the beautiful things in life

I wanted to start 2014 being a lot more positive. 

It wasn't until i was talking to my mum that i realised how negative i really am!
My mum made me see that rather than always thinking negative to try and look at things more closely and see them as a positive thing.
I am always worrying and and panicking rather than taking time to just sit and think things through and actually realise that they aren't as bad as what i though they were.

I think that sometime we can worry so much about something that we can end up making ourselves feel really ill, i know i do!
I get so worked up that i just forget to stop and breathe. 
Yes things go wrong in life, but rather than let them get to you, you must stop and think and say to yourself, yes this has happened, now i must make this right, or change something. Only you can do that.

My boyfriend lives quite a way away and when i am driving back from his early in the morning i like to take the time to watch the sunrise in the morning. I never knew how beautiful it was until recently. 
Its s beautiful watching the birds fly in the early morning, all the wildlife waking up.
I love watching the birds fly and all the different shapes they form when flying together and how they race across the sky in a group as though they are playing tag or following my car!
Silly i know, but its just simple things like this that make you appreciate life more.

I love nature and i think its amazing how many stories these trees hold by ones that are centuries old.
To me every tree is beautiful, even in fall when they don't have any leaves left on them.
I love how their leaves change colour and each tree is different.

At night time i think its lovely watching the sunset with its beautiful colours. Bringing in the night time so somewhere else can wake up.

At night time when the starts are out they look amazing. Each star is its own shape and size and i always love looking in the sky for the twinkling ones, and maybe even a shooting star.

Below i have some positive thinking pictures and quotes.
These images are not my own they are ones that i have found and really mean something.


Saturday, 11 January 2014

How to get Miranda Kerr's Style

I love Miranda Kerr's style and this outfit she is wearing above really caught my eye.
Below is the actual coat Miranda Kerr is wearing and i have found 3 coats that are very similar and equally as nice. I especially love the Topshop one as it is currently in the sale at a bargain price :)



'Turner' Genuine Shearling & Leather Collar Coat

This one costs £395 
This is the actual coat Miranda Kerr is wearing above.

Click here to buy this coat.


MINT VELVETGranite Asymmetric Biker Coat This coat is from House Of Fraser and costs £119You can buy this coat from Here                                           


 Whistles Leather Jacket with Boucle Detail
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Grey Textured Ovoid Coat
This coat is a real bargain and costs £40 
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Monday, 6 January 2014

My 2014 Resolutions and Goals


I can't believe how quick 2013 went! It's crazy!
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year.

Boo, Have to take the Christmas Decorations down today!
They look so pretty :)

So i have decided on some New Years resolutions and goals that i want to achieve.
A couple of them i tried to make last year but they kind of failed!

But this year i am determined :)

1. Worry Less
I am always worrying and stressing over something! This year i have told myself that i am not going to do this anymore, or at least not as much.
It's very easy to start worrying about something. But worrying is no good for the body and creates health problems. If i start to panic and worry i just tell myself to take some deep breaths and calm myself down. Sometimes when i have done this and sat and though about a solution to a problem i realise that it wasnt as bad as what i though it was.

2. Drink More Water
I am terrible when it comes to drinking. Sometimes i only end up having about two cups of squash or juice a day and thats it.
I am determined to drink lots more, i havent even just gone to the shop and bought 2 bottles of Evian Water! Water is great for the skin and also helps to rehydrate your skin. It also helps to flush out your kidneys. I am prone to getting kidney infections so this something i want to do mainly for my health.
For me it's so easy to just sit down and chill out or even when i am at work or college to forget to drink! But i am determined and going to succeed with this resolution as last year it kind of failed!

3. Eat Healthy
Although there are only certain things i can eat because of ibs I still do occasional eat 'A Lot' of biscuits. I am unable to have dairy but there are still so many dairy free stuff that you can get and it easy to overinduldge as they are so yummy!
I don't really like eating fruit, but i have started to add fruit when having a cooked meal and also eating bananas.

4. Get Fit and Healthy
As you know i did start going to the gym but it didnt last. Although i dont have much time to go the gym anymore and also the cost of going to a gym, i have a treadmill, cross trainer and rowing machine that i have got at home which we got second had and didnt cost much at all. I am going to start using these again. Also when i am college i have to walk from my car to get to the music college and i also try to walk as much as i can during my dinner break and then walk back to my car after college to get some exercise. Walking is a great way of exercising.

5. Blog More
Unfortunatly i havent had much time blog lately but i am dtermined to blog as much as i can from now on. I want to thank you all for coming and checking out my blog and also joining my blog. It means so much to me. I have also got a few ideas up my sleeves for some new posts so stay tuned :)

6. Save Money
I must admit i did overspend last year and now im feeling it. I have cut myself right down from spending and to only buy things i need such as hair and beauty products (only when i need them.) I am also watching what i spend on food and petrol as things can start to get very expensive.

Please share your links below in the comment section if you have a blog post on your New Year's Resolutions :)

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