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Thursday, 30 July 2015

5 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make

kaboompics.com_Professional make-up tools

I do still have a few bad beauty habits that I am not proud of, (I may still forget to was my brushes regularly) I have learnt as I have gotten older what to do and what not to do. Here are 5 beauty mistakes that I used to make...

1. Make Up Brushes.
I have always been terrible when it comes to washing make up brushes. I still slip up sometimes now, like last night for instance, I thought to myself, 'right time to clean them', but as per usual I forgot. I hate to admit this this, but sometimes I used to leave them up to over a month without washing them! I know, I know, not the most hygienic and my face does feel it a few days later when a few blemishes appear. This is definitely one bad habit I had and still need to improve on. I want to try and get in to the habit of doing them weekly.

2. Eyebrows
I was one of those people, who at the time when everyone seemed to be doing it, decided that really thin eyebrows was the way to go. Although I must admit I may have gone a little bit mad with them and ended up with a little line above each eye. Not the best look I must say!  Even now my eyebrows are still suffering from my over-plucking of them. Now I love much thicker eyebrows and after years of continuously plucking lots of little hairs from above my eyes, I have been letting them grow, they are now much fuller now and I plan to keep them that way.

3. Foundation
Just thinking about it now makes me cringe! I remember when I first wanted to start wearing foundation and decided that I knew best which shade to get. Well, you can imagine the outcome. It was only when people started asking me why I had a thick orange line around my neck that I actually decided to look in a mirror and realise what they were talking about. I really had no idea on which shade to get, so I decided to ask my mum and she helped me choose the next one, which was so much better and I said goodbye to the orange lines. Now that I am much older I know which shade suits me best and if I am a little unsure I will ask someone.

4. Eyeliner
I have always loved eyeliner, I feel that it really makes my eyes stand out more. When I was younger I used to go mad with the eyeliner. I would use a pencil eyeliner but it used to end up getting all smudged and looked messy. Now I know how much eyeliner to put on and I have found that liquid eyeliner works best for me as my skin can sometimes get quite oily. I love using mascara, so I found what works best for me, is applying a little eyeliner and then to just simply put on some mascara, my eyes look so much better and feel better for it.

5. Swapping and changing products constantly.
I was always buying different products for my face, for example, face creams, cleansers and toners. I remember when I was younger I tried so many different products I ended up with dry skin all over my face, I had to go to a pharmacy to get some cream as it got so bad. Now I look for products that I know will agree with my skin and I don't keep keep swapping and changing as my skin really doesn't like it. Now I like to use products that are ok for sensitive skin and I am not just buying a product because it is new out, I always like to look at reviews of a product first and what the ingredients are before purchasing.

What are your beauty mistakes that you used to make?


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

10 Places I Want To Travel To

Beautiful Beach With Blue Ocean

I love travelling and going to different places. I also love going abroad. The last I went abroad was was I was 16/17, my mum and I went on holiday to Rome for a week which I absolutely enjoyed. Rome is so beautiful and everyone there was so friendly. I have also been to France, Belgium and Disney World in Florida. I'm one of those people who go in to travel agents and picks up so many books so I can look at them when I get back home. I love looking for inspiration on new places to visit and I love looking at the photos. There are so many different places I want to visit, so below I have listed a 10 places I want to travel to.

1. California
There are so many things I would love to do in California, go to Disneyland, go see the Golden Gate Bridge, go to Palm Springs.

2. Paris
Paris is definitely one that has always been on the list. Although I have been to France a few times, I have never actually been to Paris. One of the first things I want to do is visit the Eiffel Tower and then go explore all of the beautiful places to visit in Paris.

3. Switzerland
I have actually been through Switzerland, but it was on a coach late at night on the way back home, so we never actually got to stop there. But from what I saw of Switzerland, even though it was night time, looked so beautiful. I would love to go back there one day. 

4. Iceland
Iceland is a beautiful country, If I went there I would love to visit the Blue Lagoon, go Whale watching and visit the beautiful countryside of Southern Iceland. 

5. Japan
Apart from visiting all of the beautiful places in Japan such as Mt Fuji, Kinkaku-Ji and Himeji-Jo, I would love to go to the Tokyo National Museum. I also really want to go to the Pokemon Centre store, (you need to see the photos.) 

6. Australia
I would love to go to Sydney and Melbourne. There are lots of things I would love to do in Australia. See the Great Barrier Reef, visit the national parks, visit the Sydney Opera house, the list is endless. 

7. Venice
Have you seen the photos of Venice on Google, if not then you really need to. Venice is full of beautiful canals and boats. 

8. New Zealand
New Zealand is one place that I have always wanted to go to. New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean that consists of 2 main islands, so beautiful.

9. Bali
I have seen so many beautiful photos of Bali, there are lots of beautiful ones on Google, (Highly recommend checking them out.) Bali is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats. 

10. El Chaltén
El Chaltén is a small mountain village in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. I would love to see the World Heritage glaciers, peaks, lakes, forests and waterfalls of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. 

What places would you love to visit?


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Tag

Pink Flowers With Yellow Centres-2

I was tagged by the lovely Kim from bright greenroomI have really enjoyed answering these question and want to say a huge thank you for tagging me.

Kim's questions for me - 

1) What’s your favourite colour?
I love the colour pink, (as you can probably tell by my blog design!) I am obsessed with all things pink. Even my bedroom if full of pink. It's a colour that makes me feel happy and relaxed, if that makes sense. 
2) How did you start blogging?
From a very young age I have always loved writing and taking photos. I used to love making my own websites and creating designs and layouts for them. I remember one website I called, I named it Chocolate Hamster! But I loved writing on my websites and adding photos. When I was about 18 I started my first proper blog and I would write about everything that I had been up to. Then in 2012 I decided to create Clemloves. I wanted to to have somewhere where I can write about everything that I love. Its like my own little space that I can share with everyone.
3) What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
My family. I love my family so much and I love being with them. My family mean everything to me and I feel really sad when I am not near them.
4) Who do you most admire? 
My mum. My mum is my role model, she showed me how to apply makeup, do my hair etc and she always looks so beautiful. I really look up to my mum and I love her so much. She is my inspiration.
5) What were you like in school?
I have always been quite shy and I was definitely not one of the cool people. I used to picked on at school but I had a group of really good friends and we always stuck together. I loved it when it when it was lunch time, so we could all hang out together at the benches. My favourite subjects at school was Music, History, English and Food Tech. I really didn't like P.E. I think what put me off the most was when I was at primary school and they used to make us go outside to play football, one of the older boys kicked up football really high up and the ball came down really quick on my wrist and broke it. I also loved gymnastics, but I one day I decided to do some cartwheels in the garden and I didn't see the small dip in the garden and I ended up fracturing my elbow. So I think that kind of put me off of sports a little bit. Although I did quite like playing rounders, as I like to think that I was quite good at it! 
6) Name one thing that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
Being surrounded by the people I love always puts a huge smile on my face.

7) Where is your favourite place to visit? 
The seaside. I love going Hunstanton, it's so beautiful there. I do also love going to Sandringham Woods which is on the way to Hunstanton, so my mum and I always stop off there first to have a picnic in the woods. I love being at the seaside, It makes me feel so relaxed and the sea air always makes my breathing so much better with my asthma. I love long walks along the beach.
8) How has 2015 treated you so far?
I am really enjoying 2015 so far, I have just finished my first year at University and I am so excited to go back in September. I have been on a few amazing days out and my dad recently passed his pilots license so I have been going flying with him which I love so much, (I have some photos on my Instagram.) 
9) Name three things on your bucket list!
When I was little I went on holiday to Disney World in Florida and I loved it so much. I would love to be able to go there again some day, so that is definitely on my list. I would also love to go travelling more. The last time I went abroad was when I was 16/17, my mum and I went to Rome for a week and It was lovely there and so beautiful. So another thing on my list is to visit different places around the world.
10) What song would soundtrack your life?
Hmmm, this is a tough one, but I think I would have to say Elastic Heart by Sia. The lyrics have a very strong meaning.

My Questions are -

1. What is one of your favourite things about blogging?
2. What is your favourite TV show?
3. What is your favourite song?
4. Describe yourself in 3 words.
5. Who is your favourite Disney character?
6. Where is your favourite place to shop?
7. What place would you love to visit the most?
8. Favourite ice cream flavour?
9. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
10. What is your favourite quote?

The Rules -  
Answer the ten questions you have been sent.
Link to the blogger who nominated you
Come up with ten questions of your own.
Nominate up to ten bloggers.

Lots Of Love


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Life.Love.Beauty by Keegan Allen


I love books, I suppose you could say that I am obsessed with books. There are so many books I love and so many I really want to read. Ever since my mum taught me to read I've loved them. My favourite types of books to read are science-fiction ones. I love being transported in to another world, going on different adventures with the characters from the book. 

As you may have seen in my previous post, I purchased a new camera. I have been wanting a new one for such a long time now as previously I have been using my iPhone 5 for all of my photos. From a very young age I have always loved taking photos. I love being able to capture memories and keep them in an album. I decided to buy the Canon 700d after hearing so many great things about it. It takes beautiful and stunning photos and I can't wait to start using it more. I've got a few places lined up that I really want to visit so I can take some photos. I love taking photos of nature and animals. I am still learning though, so I really hope that you like my photos. 

I recently purchased a copy of Life.Love.Beauty by Keegan Allen, (Keegan plays Toby in Pretty Little Liars.) I've never really owned a photo book before so I was very excited when I saw that Keegan was releasing one, having seen his photos on Instagram, which are amazing. Every page is filled with beautiful photos Keegan has taken from a young age to the present. There are lots of gorgeous photos of the Pretty Little Liar's cast. Keegan has also included lots of photos of his fans, which I think is amazing and really adds a much more personal touch to the book. Each photo has a special meaning which includes a little bit about each one and he has also included some beautiful poems within the book. This book is very special to me because (other than being a huge fan of Keegan Allen,) this book has really inspired me with my passion for taking photos. Keegan really does take brilliant and beautiful photos. I highly recommend checking out his book. 

You can purchase Keegan's book from Amazon

I would love to know in the comment section below what books you are currently reading.

Lots Of Love


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Worrying About The Little Things

Hi, I am a worrier...

I worry about the smallest things. I get so worked up and then it just keeps building up and up. 
I have recently been trying to find different ways so that I can help my worrying. I suffer from anxiety and like worrying I panic about the smallest of things which in return makes in to a much bigger problem. I am someone who always thinks up lots of different multiple scenarios on what could happen. It is extremely exhausting, but its just how I am. I get so stressed about being stressed which makes me even more stressed!

Below are a few ways that help my worrying, (Which definitely can be easier said than done.) but I wanted to share those few things with you, so that we are able to help out each other. As my blog is a place where I love to write about everything that I love, I also like to write about things that effect so many people and myself. I want this to be a post where we can help each other and give each other tips and advice. Recently when I have been waking every morning the last few weeks, I just come over all panicky and sweating and I really hate it. I posted about this on Twitter and I really appreciate some of the tips and advice some of you gave me, it has really helped. 

The reason why I have chosen to include the photo of a beach above is because I feel so much calmer when I am at the seaside and also just thinking about the beach helps. I suppose you could say that it is one of my safe places that just helps me to feel that little bit better. Just by looking at the photo, I am imaging sunshine, ice-cream, sand castles, Picnics  being with family, the sound of the waves and the feel of the sand beneath my feet as the sea goes over them. 

I wake up a lot in the night because of worrying. Im a huge book lover and I find that reading before I go to bed really helps me get a better nights sleep. I am obsessed with books, I love the look of them, the pages, the smell (Yep I love the smell of a new book!) I am currently reading Inkspell by Cornelia Funke (the second book in the Inkheart trilogy.) Just before I go to bed I sit so I'm comfy and start to read. Being transported to another world, picturing everything that is happening within the book really helps me to relax, I am able to forget about all of my problems and be mesmerised by the words on each page. After I have read a few pages and lay in bed, my mind focuses on the characters in the book and before I know it I have drifted off to sleep. Just by reading some of the book I find I am able to have a better nights sleep. Reading enables me not think about the problems I was thinking about throughout the day. This is something I enjoy doing and I find that it can help. I have recently bought myself some books on how to help with worrying, I am really looking forward to reading them.

Being around family

I love my family so much, and I am so much happier when I am around them. If  I am feeling a little down I find there is nothing worse that being on your own. Sometimes it is nice to be able to have some me time, but I much prefer it being around family. Also being around friends helps so much. My friend and I have recently started going swimming and we also make time to either go to the cinema or go shopping. Just little things like that, that can make a huge difference. 


I wanted to add this one in because it is something I personally love to do. My mum and I like to go to Sandringham Woods to have a picnic there. It is beautiful there. If your lucky you will even get to see some deer. I love watching all of the birds coming down to grab a piece of bread and watching the squirrels running about. I love going out for the day, taking a picnic and just spending the day relaxing. It's just something that I love to do. 


I love blogging and I have always loved writing and taking photos since I was little. This really helps when I am having a bad day. I love being able to just turn on my laptop, sit comfy and write some new blog posts and take photos. It just takes my mind off everything else. Like right now while I am writing this blog post, although I am writing about how I have been feeling, It's really nice to be able to just put it in writing and share my thoughts and feelings as I do tend to bottle things up quite a lot. 

Social Media

Although sometimes social media can actually make us feel worse, I'm going to talk about the things within social media that make me happy. Such as making new friends and talking to all my friends on Twitter. I love joining in with twitter chats. My favourite ones are #lbloggers #ltbloggers #fblchat and #gbloggers. I love being able to join in with them and chat to everyone. Everyone is always so friendly and makes me feel so much better. I love being able to check out and read other peoples blogs. At the end of a chat I always ask people to send me their links.


You may have seen that recently I have been doing a lot more recipe blog posts. I love cooking and I feel so relaxed when doing it, even if sometimes I do make a mess or something doesn't go right. I get so involved with what I'm making that all I am focused on is making something that tastes delicious.

Going for long walks

I love going for long walks, sometimes I go with my mum and sometimes I go on my own. But when walking, I tend forget about the things that I am worrying about and I start to take notice of whats around me. For example, the birds flying above, tweeting and whistling, the sound of traffic in the distance and the scenery around me. Sometimes it is so easy to not notice the beautiful things in life, so its nice to be able to take time out to see all of the beautiful things out there. I also like to look at nature outside, this makes me happy. I could watch the birds outside all day.

I know that this post is a little different to my usual posts, but it feels so good to be able to share with how I have been feeling. I know most of time the things I am worrying about, are not worth worrying about but it's so hard to tell myself that. 

Please let me know in the comment section your tips for being in control of worrying. Also please leave your blog links below, I can't wait to check them out and read your blog posts. I would also love to know what books you are reading at the moment.

Lots Of Love


Saturday, 11 July 2015

Mink & Stone




How adorable is this bracelet. I think I'm starting to get the hang of my new camera. I recently purchased the Canon 700d, which I absolutely love as it takes beautiful photos. I can't wait to start using it more and take it with me for days out as I love taking photos. One of my most favourite places to go is Sandringham Woods, it's so beautiful there and i especially love having picnics in the woods. One of my goals is to take a photo of a deer. I've seen a few in the woods but they are very quick. I also love going to Hunstanton, I can't wait to take some photos of the beach. 

I've often wondered how a piece of jewellery would look if I designed it. I remember when I was little I used to love gathering bits of arts and crafts and making my own jewellery. Remember the little felt pieces you could get in packs and you could make them in to broaches etc. I knew that I wanted to design my bracelet so that it is more me. I automatically knew that I wanted it to be pink (I love pink) and I as soon as I saw the rose centre piece I knew that it was meant to be, (My middle name is Rose, and my favourite flower.) I also added some flower beads in-between the pink ones as they are so cute. I was so excited whilst designing my bracelet, I loved every second of it. One of the main things I love about Mink&Stone is how clear their design process is, so you are able to easily design your piece of jewellery without any hassle. Every instruction on what to do is noted down from the design process, to ordering and sharing your design. I am so happy with how my design has turned out, It is everything I imagined it to be plus more and I love how the bracelet comes in a cute little pouch.

After you have designed your bracelet, necklace etc, you can then share your design, which then goes on to the inspiration page. Also if you design a piece of jewellery and share it, you can get rewards. 


Saturday, 4 July 2015

South Coast Brights and Miami Cool | Fat Face














How lovely has the weather been the last few days, its been so nice. I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine.  It's been the perfect weather for days out on the beach, BBQ's, swimming, walks, the list is endless. I love going out in the garden with a good book and relaxing. 

I was recently challenged by Fat Face to add a couple of items of clothing from their South Coast Brights and Miami Cool range, with items of clothing from my own wardrobe to achieve the perfect summer look. The pineapple trousers are gorgeous, so bright and colourful. They are nice and light making them perfect for days out at the beach. I teamed the pineapple trousers with a pink t-shirt and denim jacket, I also popped on my sandals to complete the look. They are the perfect fit and are so comfy to wear. I also decided to team the trousers with another pink t-shirt but this time adding a bright cropped pink cardigan for a more casual day look, perfect for looking round the shops or if you are going to a BBQ. I also added my sandals to this outfit to complete the look. The pineapple trousers would also look great teamed with a pair of high heel sandals for an evening look. 

Next is this beautiful multicoloured t-shirt. I am a huge fan of this t-shirt and like the trousers the t-shirt is so comfy and lovely and soft. Its great for those hot days as it is nice and light. This look is my must have for a festival. I added a cropped denim jacket and sandals to complete the look. 
Im all about different colours at festivals so this t-shirt is perfect. This look can be teamed with bright accessories and a cute back pack and your festival look is complete. 

I highly recommend checking out Fat Face online and their new arrivals. I am really loving everything on their new arrivals page. 

Lots Of Love

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