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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg | Book Review

Girl Online On Tour is the sequel to Zoe's number one best selling book Girl Online... 

As a huge fan of Zoe's first book Girl Online, (you can read my review of Girl Online here) I was very excited when Girl Online On Tour was announced. I preordered the book from Waterstones and managed to get hold of a signed copy, which I was so happy about. As soon as I saw the links online to say there were going to be signed copies, I quickly headed over to the website and ordered a copy, although I did for a second think I wasn't going to get one. I was literally counting down the days until I would receive my copy in the post. The copy I got also includes a Bonus Chapter which is exclusive to Waterstones. 

My review of Girl Online On Tour, is my own honest opinion and my true feelings as to how I felt about the book. 

Girl Online Clemloves

Girl Online Clemloves

Girl Online Clemloves

Penny is joining her boyfriend Noah on his European tour. But Noah has a very busy schedule and his bandmates are less-than-welcoming towards Penny. Penny also has horrible messages sent to her from very jealous fans. Throughout the tour Penny misses her family and best friend Elliott a lot and can't wait to see them again. 

Don't worry if you haven't the book yet, I'm not going to give away any spoilers. Firstly I just want to say though how much I love the friendship between Penny and Elliot, (Definite friendship goals there.) Throughout reading this book, I felt so many different emotions, along with Penny I smiled, laughed, felt shocked and also had tears in my eyes, but also happy tears. I really connected with Penny throughout this book, (as you know, I love a book that does this.) 

Although this book may be for a younger age range, (I'm 26) I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. As soon as I picked up this book and started reading, I wanted to keep reading and reading. This book had lots of twists in and a few cliff-hangers. I just wanted to keep on knowing what was going to happen next. This book is brilliantly written and wherever Penny was on the tour, I was automatically transported there and I imagined being there with Penny and I imagined what everything looked like.   

Girl Online Clemloves

Girl Online Clemloves

Like I said above, I 100% enjoyed reading Girl Online On Tour. Although I'm 26 I feel that even people who are older than me would definitely enjoy reading this book. 

Have you read Girl Online On Tour yet?

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Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Memories

Easter chicks Clemloves

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I may have had a little bit too much chocolate to eat yesterday...

I definitely won't be having that much chocolate all at once again! I decided that I would skip a nice healthy breakfast and go for an Easter egg instead. But it's Easter after all, so I although I may have made myself feel quite sick, I enjoyed it and I regret nothing!

As I am currently writing this post, I am also watching The Mummy Returns, I love those films. One thing I always get excited about during half term is the films they put on TV. Like at Christmas time, I always look forward to the Home Alone films coming on!  

Easter chicks Clemloves

Easter chicks Clemloves

A twitter chat that I recently joined in with, got me thinking about Easter when I was younger. I always used to get so excited for Easter, (I still do.) I would go to Sunday School at Church and then come back home afterwards to go on an Easter egg hunt. My mum and dad would hide Easter eggs outside the house and around the garden. I loved going on an Easter egg hunt and finding all of the Easter eggs. Afterwards we would all sit down and have a lovely Sunday roast. I loved going round my Nan and Grandads to have a nice Sunday Roast. Although I did used to go a bit mad with the Yorkshire Puddings. I literally just had a plate of Yorkshire Puddings with my Sunday roast!  

I have always loved eating my Easter eggs on Easter Sunday morning. As I mentioned above, I already did that yesterday morning, but maybe ate a little bit too much chocolate! When I was little I would put all of my Easter eggs together and get them ready for the next morning to eat, although some of them may have got eaten before Easter Sunday! 

As I am now unable to have dairy, wheat and gluten, I have to have free from Easter eggs. But you know what, they taste delicious, just because they have different ingredients in them doesn't mean they are less tasty, they are very tasty. One of my favourite brands is Choices, I love their chocolate. I have managed to find quite a few different ones in the supermarkets over the last couple of years, so if your like me and can't have dairy, wheat and gluten, don't worry, there are some very delicious Easter Eggs out there.

Easter chicks Clemloves

Easter chicks Clemloves

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What are some of your favourite Easter memories?


Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter | Let's Catch Up


Happy Easter everyone! As you are reading this post I will most likely be stuffing my face with chocolate...

Dairy free and gluten free chocolate that is! I thought that as it's Easter Sunday I would do a catch up/chatty type post. I am obsessed with those little chicks in the photo above and the photos below. My mum got some of the little chicks and gave me some, so I just had to include them in some photos for Easter.

I'm currently on a two week break at the moment from University, for the Easter break. Although I do still have quite a bit of work to get done still. But I've also made some time so I can just sit back and chill. This means that I will have mostly been binging on TV shows on Netflix, Catching up with The Walking Dead and Z Nation! Oh and not forgetting Pretty Little Liars. Once again the diet has been non existent! Oops. But as soon as I've eaten all of my chocolate, the diet will once again commence. I think also as the weather gets more warmer I always feel more like eating salads. When the weather is cold, I just like to  eat anything! 

One thing I am looking forward to now it's Spring, is lighter evenings. I always feel that the day seems to last just that little bit longer when the clocks go forward. Although we do loose an hour, (less time in bed!) I do enjoy the evenings better. I love it when the different types of flowers start blooming, Daffodils, Tulips and Snowdrops. I also love when the trees start to get their leaves grow back again, so beautiful. 



I've got quite a few ideas for different posts for Clemloves. I am obsessed and a huge lover of books. I love collecting them. You may have seen recently that I did a new book review. This is something I've been wanting to do more of on Clemloves for quite sometime, so definitely expect to see more book reviews on here. This week my nan got me a book called Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, so I'm really excited to start reading this. I'm also going to be doing a few more beauty and recipe posts. I love cooking and baking and I'm always on the lookout for new gluten, wheat and dairy free recipes to try. These are a few things coming soon to Clemloves, as I would definitely like to add lots more recipes to my blog. 

If you read one of my recent posts Project Spring Clean, you will know that I have recently been trying to get my room sorted, as I am a bit of a hoarder! I collect so much stuff! I always feel so much better when I have a nice clean, organised room. I have actually made quite a lot of progress on this, there's still a little bit more to do, for example, sort my bed side table draws out and also my desk draws. I've collected quite a lot of different things over the years and they really do need a good sorting out! But it's getting there. I'm definitely feeling a lot better now it's nearly done. I also got my wardrobe done and sorted out the clothes I want and don't want. 

My desk is also starting to look a lot better. A while ago I decided to up-cycle a desk and give it a lick of paint. Although it doesn't look as tidy now as it did in the blog post I did. But I have however managed to get it a bit more organised. Underneath my desk I have placed all of my Uni books, printer and printing paper under there. On the top of my desk I have my planner and pens etc. I'm trying to keep it much more organised now, it's just the draws that need a little sorting out. I also added a new addition to my desk, an Aloe Vera plant, (keep a look out for my Aloe Vera in upcoming blog posts!) I do still need to get a new pot for it though. I've always loved having different Cacti and Succulents, I used to have quite a lot when I was younger. As soon as I saw my Aloe Vera plant, I knew I had to have it, (it was love at first sight!)

I recently turned 26 this month, but one thing that has definitely made me feel older today, was that I saw on Twitter that Toy Story was released 20 years ago this week! That's crazy... 20 years! One of my favourite things I love to do is listen to Absolute Radio's 90's station. So much nostalgia. I also love to listen to theme songs of tv shows I used to watch when I was little. I recently liked a Facebook group that purely posts theme songs/adverts etc from years ago. I love it. Anyone remember Diggit? My favourite shows on there were Goof Troop and Recess. They just don't make kids television like they used to anymore! Also do you remember SMTV Live! My all time favourite show. So many good memories. I'm definitely going to be doing a blog post on all of my favourite things from when I was little!


Looking for something tasty and Easter inspired to make? Last year I baked some little bunny shaped biscuits and posted the recipe on my blog, click here to view the recipe. I love baking and I've been seeing so many delicious recipes that are Easter inspired. I am especially loving these recipes that Zoe has posted on her blog, I'm definitely going to have to try these, but obviously make them dairy, wheat and gluten free. Also if you have got any left over chocolate from Easter, here is a delicious recipe I posted on my blog a while ago, Chocolate and Orange Bread and Butter Pudding

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How are you spending your Easter Sunday?
I hope you all have a lovely day and Happy Easter.


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Easter Hat by Isla

As it's currently the Easter weekend, I'm very excited to share with you this fun and beautiful Easter hat by Isla...

I'm so excited for easter, I've got my dairy free and gluten free easter eggs at the ready for Sunday morning! One thing I love about Easter is that I don't have to feel guilty for eating chocolate in the morning! There's only two days I do this on, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday! Anyone else do this?! 

This hat is perfect for Easter. I love everything about it, it's such a fun thing to have and to wear during the Easter weekend, especially if you are going to an Easter party. This hat was made by Isla and so much detail has gone in to it, I am especially loving the little chicks and the nest on the top of the hat. 
Here are some more photos -

Easter hat by Isla

Easter hat by Isla

Easter hat by Isla

Easter hat by Isla

So much cuteness! Those little chicks, that nest... Those flowers! As you can see in the photos, the hat is covered in flowers (artificial flowers) and a pretty bow that goes all the way around the hat. Nestled on top of the hat are 3 chocolate eggs sitting cosy in the handmade nest. Little chicks also decorate the hat, (on top and around the sides in the flowers.)

Easter hat by Isla

Easter hat by Isla

Easter hat by Isla

Easter hat by Isla

I love the colour combination of the flowers, it gives a real Easter/Spring feel.  

If you would like to find out more about this Easter hat by Isla, please email me at

I would love to know what your plans are for this Easter weekend. Happy Easter and have have a great weekend.


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bubblegum Lip Scrub | Lush

This little beauty in the photos above, is one of my most favourite lip products. I recently got this one for my birthday from my dad. Not only does this smell amazing, it also tastes amazing too! I love that when you apply this scrub to your lips, you can then just lick it off!

If you are a fan of these lip scrubs then you will know that this one is from Lush. I haven't actually tried any of the other ones, but I have smelt them and they too smell so good. This one is in the flavour bubblegum  and is a gorgeous bright pink colour. The best bit about this scrub is that not only does it make your lips lovely and soft, but you also get a lot of product and you only need use a little bit at a time. So this little pot lasts you a long time. 
When I have applied the scrub to my lips, afterwards (after I have licked it all of) I like to apply some lip balm to moisturise my lips after using the scrub. 

You cab buy this lib scrub from your local Lush store or from their website for £5.50.

Which flavour lip scrub do you love best?

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Virals (Book 1) by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs

As this is my first book review of 2016, I wanted to write about one of my favourite books I have just finished reading. Virals by Kathy Reichs is the first book in a series, I have books 1 to 5, (I've recently started reading the second one called Seizure.) Kathy is also author of the Temperance Brennan novels and producer on the FOX series Bones, (a series I am definitely going to start watching.) As soon as this book arrived I was very excited to start reading it.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Project Spring Clean

As spring is quickly approaching, I though it's about time I did that, very much overdue, spring cleaning. I'm one of those people that starts out with good intentions every year to do a spot of spring cleaning, but never finish it to the extent I want to. I will admit, I am a bit of a hoarder. I just don't have anywhere to put anything! Throughout the year I make small attempts to remove some of this clutter, but I just can't bare to part with it. But it actually gets me to the stage where i'm just fed up with all of the clutter, and that's why this spring I have decided to do, Project Spring Clean. I wanted to call it something much fancier but, for now Project Spring Clean will do.  One thing I seem to collect a lot of is magazines and bits of paper with various things on, even though I've either read them, not read them, I just seem to accumulate a lot of these. I wanted to write todays post on this because it's something that I desperately need to do. I thought if I write it on my blog, I am more likely to get on and do it, (I hope.) 

I think one of the main reasons I always end up leaving it, is because I just don't know where to start. Some of the things I do want to keep, I just don't know what to do with them. I know that there is so much stuff that can just be thrown away/sold/given to charity. So I'm just going to have to part with things I really do not need. For example, it's like clothes, I still have clothes from when I was younger, that definitely no longer fit me. But last year I did put together quite a lot of bag full's of clothes to give to charity and sell. I suppose that's made it a little easier for me to sort through my wardrobe. I also have odd bits of makeup dotted around in draws from years and years ago, that can definitely go. 

A few things I have been doing the last couple of years, is to make sure I don't buy products that I am not going to use, or use a little of and then waste it. Same with makeup, I try and only buy makeup that I know I am going to wear.

I would love to know if you are doing a 'Project Spring Clean' and if you have any tips and advice that would make doing this much easier. 


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Kawaii Haul #2

Following on from my last Kawaii haul, I wanted to share with you these beauties. I love all things Kawaii and I am really loving all of these. A little while ago now, I won a giveaway and as I was so excited as soon as the parcel arrived. The box was filled with face masks, hand cream (I'm am loving the super cute panda packaging,) a really cute nail file, eyelashes, chewing gum, foundation and a really cute hair band. (I had been after one of these for ages, this one has cat ears on it.)

I'm very excited to try the eyeliner. I love the packaging it comes in. I am also really loving the eyelashes too.

Inside the box, there was also this gorgeous magazine. So many beautiful photos inside and very bright and colourful. I am so happy with everything that was inside the parcel. The chewing gum looks delicious, it came in a few different flavours. The nail file is adorable as is the head band.


Friday, 11 March 2016

TV Shows I'm Loving

One of my most favourite things to do, Is snuggle up in bed, or get comfy on the sofa, with a nice hot drink and yummy snacks, (mostly cakes and crisps to be exact!) I thought for today's post I would purely dedicate it to my favourite TV shows, (ones I have just finished watching and ones I'm currently watching.) I'm more of a stay at home person to be honest, I love being at home, so I'm always on the look out for new TV shows to watch. The one's below are the shows I love the most. So here's what I have been watching and loving:

The Walking Dead
Now this particular TV show I've put at the top of my list, as I am obsessed with it. Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know or are friends with me on Facebook! I am currently watching the new episodes that started a couple of weeks back. I have been hooked since the very first episode. If I had to choose just one character, it would 100% have to be Daryl. 

Once Upon A Time
I'm still yet to watch this weeks new episode, I'm so excited. I have watched every episode of OUAT so far and I am a huge fan. If I had to pick one character as my most favourite from this TV show I would have to choose Rumplestiltskin. He is definitely my favourite and I'm excited to see what he gets up to in the new episode. (Also that dance between Belle and Rumple. I literally had so many happy tears in my eyes when watching this!)

Z Nation
Now this is a TV show I had been wanting to watch for ages and only really recently started watching it. I'm actually almost at the end of season 2 now. Being a huge fan of anything to do with zombies I knew straight away after watching the first episode I was going to love this. My favourite character in this has got to be Doc.

Pretty Little Liars
Now I am a little behind with watching the new episodes, I've only watched the first episode so far of 5 years forward, but so far I'm loving it. I've watched every single episode up till this one. I don't know if I could choose just one character as my most favourite, I love so many, but I will narrow it down to two, Aria and Ezra.  

Orange Is The New Black
I didn't actually start watching this till it had been out for a while, but I had read some really good reviews. As soon as it was half term, I watched the whole of season one almost all at once! It's addictive, I do warn you. I love it and I have just finished watching season three. If I had to pick one person from this show that I love the most, I would have to say it's Suzanne.

The Big Bang Theory
I have loved The Big Bang Theory ever since it came out 2007. I haven't got round to watching some of the newer episodes just yet, but, Oh my! Sheldon and Amy! I have two favourite characters out of The Big Bang Theory that I love the most, they are Penny and Leonard. I've loved Leonard ever since the first episode. 

I would love to know what your favourite TV shows are and what you are currently watching.

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