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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bubblegum Lip Scrub | Lush

This little beauty in the photos above, is one of my most favourite lip products. I recently got this one for my birthday from my dad. Not only does this smell amazing, it also tastes amazing too! I love that when you apply this scrub to your lips, you can then just lick it off!

If you are a fan of these lip scrubs then you will know that this one is from Lush. I haven't actually tried any of the other ones, but I have smelt them and they too smell so good. This one is in the flavour bubblegum  and is a gorgeous bright pink colour. The best bit about this scrub is that not only does it make your lips lovely and soft, but you also get a lot of product and you only need use a little bit at a time. So this little pot lasts you a long time. 
When I have applied the scrub to my lips, afterwards (after I have licked it all of) I like to apply some lip balm to moisturise my lips after using the scrub. 

You cab buy this lib scrub from your local Lush store or from their website for £5.50.

Which flavour lip scrub do you love best?

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