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Friday, 19 August 2016

30 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

For me personally, there does come a time when although I absolutely love writing on my blog, I sometimes find it hard to come up with things to blog about, especially if i'm busy. So I look for inspiration. I for one love looking at other people's blog posts on blogging tips. I have decided to put together a list of lifestyle type topics that can be turned in to blog posts. I have done some of these and the rest I plan on doing.  

1. Things that make you happy.
2. Your ideal day out.
3. Your favourite quotes.
4. Day in the life.
5. Your favourite films.
6. Your favourite TV shows.
7. Your favourite songs.
8. What's on your iPhone.
9. Favourite Twitter accounts.
10. Blogs you love.
11. Favourite Snapchats.
12. Favourite hashtags.
13. What books you have been reading.
14. Favourite things about Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter.
15. Favourite places to visit.

16. Places you want to visit.
17. Most favourite holiday ever.
18. Blog posts you have been reading and loved.
19. Favourite apps.
20. Tips on writing a blog post.
21. Blog post ideas. 
22. Create a playlist on Spotify and share it on your blog.
23. Social media tips.
24. Tips on being productive.
25. 25 facts about yourself.
26. Your blogging journey so far, 
27. Get ready with me, (going out for the day, or going out at night.)
28. Your best blog posts.
29. Childhood memories.
30. Write a letter to your younger or future self.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Favourite Things About Summer

The weather has been so pleasant the last few weeks. It's nice to wake up to the sun shining, birds singing and lovely warm weather. In today's blog post, I thought that I would share my favourite things about Summer. 

It's that time of year again when all of the pretty butterflies are about. I love watching them on the flowers outside and flying about.

One thing I love about summer is the beautiful summertime flowers that bloom. They really brighten up the fields and the towns. They also smell really good too.

Going out for the day.
It's so nice to go out for the day when the sun is shining and go on a bit of an adventure. I really like finding new places.

One of my all time favourite things to do. I love finding new places to have a picnic. There's nothing I like more on a day out, than to go find a good spot to have a picnic.

Going to the beach
I love going to the beach. I really like spending the day at the seaside in the sunshine, going into the arcades and having a walk on the sand, whilst watching the sea.

It always feels more like summer when the smell of BBQ's are in the air. 

Going on holiday
One of my favourite things to do during the summer holiday is go on holiday for a few days. This year I went to Somerset and had a look round Cheddar and visited Longleat.

Summer clothes.
Although I do love putting on nice cosy jumpers and boots and a scarf in the Autumn and Winter, It's nice to get out the summer clothes. Shorts, t-shirts, sandals, after wearing layers of clothing to keep warm, I do like to go out not needing a coat or a jumper.

What are your favourite things about Summer?


Monday, 15 August 2016

The Potion Diaries - Royal Tour by Amy Alward | Book Review and Giveaway

Yes that's right, you can win a copy of *The Potion Diaries: The Royal Tour, the latest book in the series by Amy Alward. Today's book review is a brilliant book by an amazing author. Having thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series, I was so excited to read this one.

Amy Alward is a Canadian author and a freelance editor. Amy divides her time between the UK and Canada. Amy's debut fantasy novel called The Oathbreaker's Shadow, which was published in 2013, under the name Amy McCulloch. The Potion Diaries, was Amy's first novel written as Amy Alward.


Friday, 5 August 2016

July Favourites

Ok, so I know I'm a little bit late with my July Favourites post, but here it is! So during July I tried to spend as much time as I can outside in the sunshine. And what lovely weather we have had too. I went on holiday for a few days with my friend Emma. We went to stay in the Wookey Hole Hotel and then had a ride to Cheddar to visit the caves and we also went to Longleat, to look round the safari and the house, and what a beautiful and amazing house it is indeed. I can't believe that we are in August already! It occurred to me this morning that it's only a few more months until Christmas and almost time to start my third year at University. My third year!!
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