Clemloves is somewhere that I can share and write about things that I loves. This may be beauty, fashion, lifestyle and book related. There are so many things that I love. I will always write and take photos of products etc that I truly love and adore. I will never write about something just for the sake of it. I love to spread positivity on my blog and that will never change. My blog posts will always be 100% my own and honest. I am more than happy to work with different brands and companies. I have also worked with some amazing brands and companies. I love being able to give my support, whether they may be well known just starting out, as this then provides these companies with exposure and I love to help.

PR Samples

As previously stated, all of my blog posts are 100% my own and honest. I will always state in a post whether a product has kindly been given to me. The post will also contain an asterisk*. I only accept items that I have a pure interest in or know I will love. 
Products that I write about and review, unless I have stated otherwise within the blog post, I have bought with my own money. Once again, I will always give my honest opinions and honest thoughts. 


All photos unless stated, are taken by myself. If there is a photo that I haven't taken, I will also link the source and give credit. Photos that I have taken myself, are not to be used unless permission has been granted. If you would like to use any of my photos, including any information, if you could please contact me first, I would be very grateful.

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