10 Apps I Love

Here are some 10 apps I am currently loving right now…

When it comes to apps, I am always on the lookout for new ones to download. I’ve actually done a post similar to this one before, quite a while ago. But I thought I would do an update, as there are always lots of new apps coming out. Some in this list are ones that keep me entertained, whilst others are great for blogging and University work. I have an iPhone 6, which I am obsessed with, I am a huge Apple fan. So here are a few of the apps I am currently loving on my iPhone and iPad.

Twitter –  I am addicted Twitter. If you see me on my phone, I will most likely be on it. I love joining in with chats, especially blogger chats and making new friends. I also like to use Twitter to help promote Clemloves and updating my followers of new blog posts. 

Bloglovin – Being a blogger, I love finding new blogs to read. I also have my blog on Bloglovin, when I write and publish a post it gets automatically put on Bloglovin. Bloglovin is also great for catching up on your favourite bloggers posts.

VSCO – This is one of my most favourite and most used photo apps. I have used quite a few different ones in the past to brighten up my photos, but this one is definitely the best. You can edit your photos but still have them looking natural. I use this app for the photos on my blog and Instagram.

BuzzFeed – There are so many different things to look at on BuzzFeed. You can read about what is currently trending, read up on entertainment and news, watch videos and also take quizzes. I especially love taking the quizzes! I have literally just taken a quiz right now to see which famous Emma I am, I got Emma Stone! I also got Raksha for ‘Which Jungle Book Character Are You!’ 

Candy Crush, Jelly – This is probably my most used app! Although I do love the original Candy Crush and the Soda one, this is the one I go on the most. When I got my new phone, I told myself I wasn’t going to download any games and just keep games on my iPad, but eventually I gave in and downloaded three of the Candy Crush games! 

Deliciously Ella – Being dairy, wheat and gluten free, I am always on the hunt for new recipes to try. Being a huge fan of Ella’s I came across an app Ella had brought out filled with lots of delicious recipes. They all look so good. You do have to pay for this app, but it’s definitely worth it. There are lots of yummy recipes for breakfast, dinner and tea, including desserts and also some delicious smoothies.

Google Docs
This app is amazing, especially for doing group work at University. I have used this so many times for when we need to do a group proposal and treatment. You can share the document with each other and then edit it whenever you like, even all together on different computers or at home. It’s so handy having it as an app on my phone and iPad, I can just get my phone out and add something to the document. You can then download the document as a word doc, ready for submission. Google also has another app similar to this but where you can do a group presentation.

Periscope – I am really loving Periscope at the moment, it’s brilliant! You can watch your friends or people you follow on YouTube and Twitter, (if they have Periscope,) and watch them live. I’ve only done a couple of live broadcasts so far, but I plan on using it a lot more. 

Stack – Yes, I know, another game! After watching Zoe, Alfie and Mark play this game on their YouTube video, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. It’s turns out that this game is very addictive! I think I’ve scored just over 100 on it now. You have to stack and line up moving blocks. Each time you line a block up correctly it makes a sound, I think this is what makes it even more addictive to line up the blocks! If you’ve played it, you will know what I mean. I also really love the visuals on this game.

WEBTOON – This is an app that I have only recently discovered. I was watching one of Michelle Phan’s YouTube videos and found out that Michelle was releasing an online comic on a website called WEBTOON. I found that they have an app to download too. I have currently been reading Michelle’s comic, but there are so many more comics to read and the visuals on this app are brilliant. If you are a fan of comics, I highly recommend checking out this app.

What apps are you loving?

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