10 Places I Want To Travel To

Beautiful Beach With Blue Ocean

I love travelling and going to different places. I also love going abroad. The last I went abroad was was I was 16/17, my mum and I went on holiday to Rome for a week which I absolutely enjoyed. Rome is so beautiful and everyone there was so friendly. I have also been to France, Belgium and Disney World in Florida. I’m one of those people who go in to travel agents and picks up so many books so I can look at them when I get back home. I love looking for inspiration on new places to visit and I love looking at the photos. There are so many different places I want to visit, so below I have listed a 10 places I want to travel to.

1. California

There are so many things I would love to do in California, go to Disneyland, go see the Golden Gate Bridge, go to Palm Springs.

2. Paris

Paris is definitely one that has always been on the list. Although I have been to France a few times, I have never actually been to Paris. One of the first things I want to do is visit the Eiffel Tower and then go explore all of the beautiful places to visit in Paris.

3. Switzerland

I have actually been through Switzerland, but it was on a coach late at night on the way back home, so we never actually got to stop there. But from what I saw of Switzerland, even though it was night time, looked so beautiful. I would love to go back there one day. 

4. Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country, If I went there I would love to visit the Blue Lagoon, go Whale watching and visit the beautiful countryside of Southern Iceland. 

5. Japan

Apart from visiting all of the beautiful places in Japan such as Mt Fuji, Kinkaku-Ji and Himeji-Jo, I would love to go to the Tokyo National Museum. I also really want to go to the Pokemon Centre store, (you need to see the photos.) 

6. Australia

I would love to go to Sydney and Melbourne. There are lots of things I would love to do in Australia. See the Great Barrier Reef, visit the national parks, visit the Sydney Opera house, the list is endless. 

7. Venice

Have you seen the photos of Venice on Google, if not then you really need to. Venice is full of beautiful canals and boats. 

8. New Zealand

New Zealand is one place that I have always wanted to go to. New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean that consists of 2 main islands, so beautiful.

9. Bali

I have seen so many beautiful photos of Bali, there are lots of beautiful ones on Google, (Highly recommend checking them out.) Bali is also known for its yoga and meditation retreats. 

10. El Chaltén
El Chaltén is a small mountain village in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. I would love to see the World Heritage glaciers, peaks, lakes, forests and waterfalls of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. 

What places would you love to visit?


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