2 Ingredient Pancakes

I am obsessed with these banana pancakes and the best thing about these is that all you need is two ingredients – 

1 Banana,

2 Eggs.

They are so quick and easy to make and taste so good. I first found out about this recipe on Cassey Ho’s Youtube channel, Blogilates. I have been obsessed with this recipe ever since. Firstly I get 1 ripe banana and mash it in bowl with a fork until it is all mushy and then pop 2 eggs in to the bowl and mix everything up. Next I like to cook using Coconut oil in a pan, I find the coconut oil adds that extra something when cooking and makes food taste even more delicious. But you can use whatever oil you like. Next I pop the mixture in to the pan, as you can see int he photo above the mixture makes 3 nice sized pancakes. I also like to put a little syrup on mine to add that extra sweetness and some blueberries. These pancakes are dairy, wheat and gluten free. I love that these pancakes only have two ingredients as I like to know what I am actually eating and I know exactly what I have put in them. They are so delicious and are great for breakfast.

Lots Of Love


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