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Purple Bluebells In Brittish Countryside(Source)

Hi and welcome to another Sunday Thoughts blog post. If you haven’t seen my previous ones, Sunday Thoughts is where I share with you what I have been up to, what I have been loving and also where I share my previous blog posts. Just a little end of of the week roundup and a chat.

You may have seen already that I have been getting ready for Autumn with my previous blog post, My Autumn/Winter Makeup Look. Here are a few things I love about Autumn:
Warm jumpers, cosy blankets, hot chocolate, Halloween, fireworks and not forgetting, preparing for Christmas! Although it gets darker earlier in the evenings, I love relaxing under a nice cosy blanket watching a film or TV show on Netflix. I also love Autumn/Winter fashion, especially knitwear. I’ve already got some ideas for Halloween too. One thing I am very excited about is starting back at University this month as I will be in my second year. 

Once Upon A Time…
I just have to write about this programme, I absolutely love it, it’s actually quite addictive and I just want to keep finding out what happens next. So far I’m on season 3 about halfway through and it’s starting to get pretty intense. After I finished watching Pretty Little Liars I didn’t think I would find another TV show as good, but how wrong was I. My favourite character definitely has to be Rumplestiltskin. I’m a huge fan of Robert Carlyle and he is one of my favourite actors. I’ve really been getting in to it and just watching it as much as I can when I’ve got some free time. 
I would love to know what you have been watching lately, I’m always looking for something new to watch. One of my friends has recommended watching Dexter, so I’m definitely going to have to check that out.

I haven’t actually watched the Great British Bake Off this week, so I really need to get caught up on it. My last Sunday Thoughts post has got me wanting to make a Cheesecake and after watching a previous Bake Off. I’ve also been wanting to make some more chocolate brownies again, so they are on the list of things to bake. I’ve got some delicious recipes that I have recently been making and will be doing a blog post about them soon which I am really excited to share with you as they tasted so good. 

Here are a few things that I have been baking:

Strawberry Jam Sponge Cake | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free
Banana and Oat Cookies | Dairy. Wheat and Gluten Free
Banana Bread | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free
Vegetable Pasty | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free
2 Ingredient Pancakes
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Peanut Butter Cookie
Homemade Dairy Wheat and Gluten Free Bread
Homemade Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free Jam Tarts
Miffy Cookies | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free
Chocolate Chip Brownies | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free

If you see my previous blog post, my Autumn/Winter makeup look, you will know that I have been loving NARS makeup, everything I applied lasted all day and I just love it all. Also in one of my previous blog posts, you may have seen the moisturisers that I use on my face by Nivea. The previous moisturiser I was using was really making my face sting and no moisturiser should do that. So when I was on holiday I found two moisturisers by Nivea, a day cream and night cream, they are for sensitive skin and are perfume free which I love in a product. My skin feels so much better and no stinging. 

Here are some of my beauty blog posts – 

My Autumn/Winter Makeup Look
Nivea, Daily Essentials | Sensitive Day Cream and Night Cream
Do You Believe In Fairies?
Mini Zoella Beauty Haul
Rose Gold and Pixie Pink | Sleep Makeup
5 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make

In my last Sunday Post you may have seen some of the photos I took whilst in Sandringham/Hunstanton, I will upload some more photos soon, I still need to upload them to my Flickr account and I will then put them on my blog. I’ve also found somewhere else to take some lovely photos of in Norfolk, so I can’t wait to go there and take some. Hunstanton and Sandringham are two of my most favourite places to go. I love the seaside at Hunstanton, it’s so relaxing and there’s lots to do there. I love going for picnics in the woods in Sandringham, if your lucky you may even see a Deer, I’ve still yet to get a photo of one, but hopefully one day I will. 

I really hope you have enjoyed this weeks Sunday Thoughts, please leave me your blog links in the comment section below, I love checking out new blogs to read and seeing what you have been up to.


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