Follow Me Down by Sherri Smith | Book Review

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I can’t believe with are now in April! It’s also April Fools day too. I have seen quite a few April Fools jokes already and some I did fall for! I did also want to spend today taking photos for my blog, but unfortunately todays weather is nothing like yesterdays. It looks like it is going to rain! Yesterday was so lovely out and quite warm. Hopefully we will have some more nice weather coming. At the moment I’m snuggles up on my bed in my dressing gown typing and eating cookies! Maybe just a few too many cookies! 

There are so many amazing books out there at the moment and I have got lots more book reviews coming soon. I’ve got a little pile either side of my bed waiting to be read, I’m just so excited to read them. I’m slowing getting there with my Goodreads book goal! How many books have you read this year so far? On to todays book review…

“Mia has built a life for herself far from the small town where she grew
up. But she is forced to return home when her brother goes missing. Once the
golden boy of the community, Lucas has disappeared the same day as the body of
his student is pulled from the river. Unable to reconcile the media’s portrayal
of Lucas as a murderer with her own memories of him, Mia is desperate to find
another suspect. But if Lucas is innocent, why did he run?”

If you read yesterdays post, you will know that I had the pleasure of taking part in the Follow Me Down blog tour for this book and I had an extract from this book on my blog. So for todays post I want to share with you my Follow Me Down book review. For more extracts visit yesterdays post to find out more. This is Sherri Smiths first thriller and is brilliantly written throughout. If you are a fan on The Girl On The Train, then this book is for you.

Mia’s brother is a popular teacher but has mysteriously disappeared on the
same day that a tragic event happens. As Mia tries to understand what has
happened and the rumours that are going around, whilst having to deal with the
media and their portrayal of Mia’s brother, she is desperate to find a suspect.
Mia also tries to understand that if her brother is innocent, then why did he

I really enjoy reading thrillers and books that are very compelling, full of
suspense and leaves and keeps you guessing, and this is one of those books. The
story is fast past and gets right into it from the beginning. Mia doesn’t
believe that her brother has done what he is accused of and so we follow Mia on
a journey, full of darkness and twists and turns as she searches for the truth
and her brother. As each day brings different challenges to Mia, the story is
gripping and leaves the reader wanting to know more. Whilst Mia believes that
her brother couldn’t do such a thing, the town are ready to point
fingers. I highly recommend checking out this book, especially if you love

What books are you currently


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