Sunday Thoughts – What I’ve Been Upto

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Today I am back with a new Sunday Thoughts post. I can’t believe how warm it has been! The weather is so lovely out. This weekend I have mainly been out enjoying the sun and having a relaxing weekend. I went to a classic car and tractor rally. I love going to them in the summer and having a look round. I am a huge fan of classic cars. 

After having a little blogging break, I have been posting everyday this week, I will leave links to each of the posts at the bottom. I just needed some me time. Recently I’ve been struggling quite a lot more with my anxiety and OCD. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that recently I have started having CBT sessions. Even though I have only just really started having them, I am finding them to be very helpful. I can and will win and I am determined to take back control. 

I am currently sat on the bed having cuddles with Jasper (the dog,) after having a nice cold shower, as I got a little bit sunburnt today, oops. This week I have managed to catch up and finish season 1 of Riverdale. That ending! I’ve also been watching Pretty Little Liars. I can’t believe that there are only two episodes left. I have also been watching iZombie and Teen Wolf. So yeah I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Netflix, but sometimes you just have to. I haven’t really watched much of Teen Wolf lately, but I’m really getting into it again. I think sometimes I end up watching so much of a show that I then end up taking a little break from watching it and then binge watch it again. Oh and I have been watching a few of the new episodes of Orange Is The New Black. Ever since that last episode of the the last season, I have been wanting to know what happens next. I finished watching Once Upon A Time, and that ending though! Part of the ending I was crying happy tears and then  I’m excited to see what happens in the new series but also a little upset as some of the characters are no longer going to be in it. What are your thoughts on it? What are you currently watching on Netflix?

Here are this weeks new blog posts –

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What have you been upto this week?


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