33 Feel-Good Christian Songs To Brighten Up Your Day

I think sometimes Christian music can be misjudged, and people automatically assume that Christian music is just about singing hymns in Church. Which when I was a lot younger, I thought that’s all Christian music was! But actually Christian music comes in all genres.

There’s just something so wonderful about listening to some feel-good music, helping you to get ready for the day and to give you that extra boost of inspiration and motivation. (Whilst having a little dance around your room too of course!)

I’ve created a list below with 33 of my favourite feel-good Christian songs. There’s so many more that are just simply awesome by amazing bands and artists, but this blog post would end up be very, very long! So I’ve narrowed it down to my most favourite that I know you are going to love too.

Christian music is so uplifting, positive, motivational, inspiring and makes you feel so good, whilst sharing the love of God.

You can really feel the love and passion that have gone into these songs below and the lyrics are just so powerful.

This playlist if perfect to pop on any time of the day! Or if like me you love listening to some music during your self-care routine, then this playlist is also great for that.

I’ve added my Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post, so you can listen to it too.

Clem Loves Christian Songs

33 Feel-Good Christian Songs

1. Do Life Big by Jamie Grace.

2.  Love You by Philippa Hanna.

3. L,O.V.E by HillaryJane.

4. Since I Met You by Jamie Kimmett.

5. Wildfire by Bonray.

6. More Than Good Enough by Joel Vaughn.

7. Perfectly by Philippa Hanna.

8. Show Me The Way by Gunva B.

9. Where The Light Shines Through by Switchfoot.

10. Fix My Eyes by For King & Country.

11. Now by Mallary Hope.

12.  Higher by Unspoken.

13. Lift You Up by TobyMac, Ryan Stevenson.

14. The Way – Live by Worship Central, Tim Hughes.

15. Best Day Ever by KJ-52, Chris August, Talk Box.

16. Happy Dance by MercyMe.

17. Talk About It by Branan Murphy.

18. Better Than Life by Phil Wickham.

19. One More Day by Aaron Cole.

20. Be You Beautiful by Manic Drive.

21. Neon Sign by The Royal Royal.

22. We Win by MercyMe.

23. Into The Wild by Manic Drive.

24. I Feel So Alive by Capital Kings.

25. Everything Comes Alive by We Are Messengers.

26. If You Ain’t In It by Danny Gokey.

27. Love With Your Life by Hollyn.

28. Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace.

29. God’s Great Dance Floor by Chris Tomlin.

30. You’ll Never Be Alone by Capital Kings.

31. Atmosphere by Ekklesia.

32. Power by Group 1 Crew, My Kid Brother.

33. Remember To Remember by Steven Curtis Chapman.

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Let me know in the comments which of these songs you love and which ones made you feel good?

What are some of your favourite feel-good Christian songs that aren’t on this list?

(I highly recommend checking out the video for number 16)!

Head on over to UCB to listen to more awesome Christian songs on their radio player.

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Clem Loves Christian Songs
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