5 Beauty Mistakes I Used to Make

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I do still have a few bad beauty habits that I am not proud of, (I may still forget to was my brushes regularly) I have learnt as I have gotten older what to do and what not to do. Here are 5 beauty mistakes that I used to make…

1. Make Up Brushes.
I have always been terrible when it comes to washing make up brushes. I still slip up sometimes now, like last night for instance, I thought to myself, ‘right time to clean them’, but as per usual I forgot. I hate to admit this this, but sometimes I used to leave them up to over a month without washing them! I know, I know, not the most hygienic and my face does feel it a few days later when a few blemishes appear. This is definitely one bad habit I had and still need to improve on. I want to try and get in to the habit of doing them weekly.

2. Eyebrows
I was one of those people, who at the time when everyone seemed to be doing it, decided that really thin eyebrows was the way to go. Although I must admit I may have gone a little bit mad with them and ended up with a little line above each eye. Not the best look I must say!  Even now my eyebrows are still suffering from my over-plucking of them. Now I love much thicker eyebrows and after years of continuously plucking lots of little hairs from above my eyes, I have been letting them grow, they are now much fuller now and I plan to keep them that way.

3. Foundation
Just thinking about it now makes me cringe! I remember when I first wanted to start wearing foundation and decided that I knew best which shade to get. Well, you can imagine the outcome. It was only when people started asking me why I had a thick orange line around my neck that I actually decided to look in a mirror and realise what they were talking about. I really had no idea on which shade to get, so I decided to ask my mum and she helped me choose the next one, which was so much better and I said goodbye to the orange lines. Now that I am much older I know which shade suits me best and if I am a little unsure I will ask someone.

4. Eyeliner
I have always loved eyeliner, I feel that it really makes my eyes stand out more. When I was younger I used to go mad with the eyeliner. I would use a pencil eyeliner but it used to end up getting all smudged and looked messy. Now I know how much eyeliner to put on and I have found that liquid eyeliner works best for me as my skin can sometimes get quite oily. I love using mascara, so I found what works best for me, is applying a little eyeliner and then to just simply put on some mascara, my eyes look so much better and feel better for it.

5. Swapping and changing products constantly.
I was always buying different products for my face, for example, face creams, cleansers and toners. I remember when I was younger I tried so many different products I ended up with dry skin all over my face, I had to go to a pharmacy to get some cream as it got so bad. Now I look for products that I know will agree with my skin and I don’t keep keep swapping and changing as my skin really doesn’t like it. Now I like to use products that are ok for sensitive skin and I am not just buying a product because it is new out, I always like to look at reviews of a product first and what the ingredients are before purchasing.

What are your beauty mistakes that you used to make?


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