5 Powerful Self-Care Tips To Reignite The Magic Of Christmas

This post is in collaboration with Faith In Nature. Some of the products pictured below were very kindly sent to me. Faith In Nature sent me a Self-Care kit so I can take a night off for myself during the busy festive period and have a lovely relaxing evening this Christmas.

I must admit that it does take me a little while to get in to the Christmas Spirit. From the rush of Christmas shopping to making sure that everything is planned for Christmas Day, it’s easy to get lost in the hectic moments leading up to that wonderful and magical day. Below are a few of my tips to help reignite the magic of Christmas. It’s always important to remember to stop, breathe and take some time to yourself and to practice self-care.  

Reignite Christmas Clem Loves

Be around the people you love.

My most favourite thing about Christmas is spending it with the people I love. Christmas is a very special time of year and so I love to celebrate it with family and friends. Things like having a family evening in watching Christmas films, having a Christmas themed evening with a friend, cooking or going out for a Christmas dinner with loved ones or even taking the time to see or talk on the phone to a friend or family member that you may not have seen for a while, or even being around your pets. Putting up the Christmas Tree and decorating it with my mum definitely has to be one of my most favourite things to do around Christmas time.

It’s the little things like that that can really help boost your mood, especially around Christmas time. Create memories that you can cherish and that will last a lifetime. Maybe you could also create some brand new Christmas traditions with your loved ones.

Make time for ‘YOU’.

This is such an important thing to do, especially at a busy time like Christmas. You may be taking on extra hours at work, you may have a lot of Christmas shopping to do still. Make sure you take time out for ‘YOU’. Making time for ourselves is not selfish, it’s a way to take time out and focus on our own happiness and health.

For instance, this evening, I have spent some time doing the things I love, such as joining in with a Twitter chat, popping on the TV, eating leftover pizza! Yes that’s one thing that makes me very happy! Even if it’s just the tiniest of things, by making time for YOU, it can be so amazing and rewarding for the mind and body.

Do the things you enjoy and love. Go get yourself that brand new beauty product you’ve been wanting, or take that long afternoon nap that you’ve been dreaming of having but not had time to! Or if like me you are a huge book lover, go treat yourself to that book you’ve been wanting to read, or have been keeping on your bookshelf waiting for the perfect moment to start reading it. Or maybe you could put on your favourite Christmas playlist that you’ve been creating and saving all year round and spend the day singing along at the top of your voice! My favourite Christmas playlist to listen to at the moment, is pne I found on Spotify, the 100 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever!

Which brings me to my next tip…

Reignite Christmas Clem Loves

Have a Christmas pamper evening.

You can’t beat a good pamper evening! So why not make it more Christmassy to help get you feeling more festive! Pamper evenings are my favourite. Popping on a Christmas film, taking a nice hot bubble bath, putting on a face mask and relaxing, sounds so good right about now. You can make it even more Christmassy and add some of your favourite festive scented candles. I am really loving Gingerbread scented ones at the moment. They smell so delicious!

I like to pick a day when I’m off work and I know that I haven’t got anything else going on. Then I usually spend the day doing some of my favourite things, like catching up with my blogger friends on social media, maybe go for a walk, putting on Netflix, spending time with the pets and then have a nice relaxing pamper evening.

Faith In Nature very kindly sent me a self-care kit with some of their gorgeous products in a beautiful hamper. A particular scent that I have always been very fond of is Lavender. It’s a scent that helps me to relax and I find very soothing. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved the scent of Lavender. One of my favourite places to visit was the Lavender Farm in Norfolk, and I remember having a sweet little purple bear that had Lavender scented beads inside. I would pop the bear into the microwave and then snuggle up to it in bed to help me sleep and keep me warm.

Lavender is widely known for its soothing qualities and calming effect, which can help the mind and body to relax and wind down. Lavender can also be helpful with getting a good night’s sleep, like I mentioned above with my little purple bear!

Reignite Christmas Clem Loves

The products that I was very kindly sent, are the Lavender and Geranium Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash and hand wash. I also received a beautiful smelling candle and hand made soap that are both also Lavender scented. All of their products are made using naturally-derived, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients, and each bottle contains a very generous amount of product in each one. Each product is also 99% natural origin and are made using 100% natural fragrance, essential oils and are free from Parabens and SLS.

The shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hand wash, each have a light, delicate and moisturising formula that leaves a long-lasting, beautiful fragrance after each use. Being someone who suffers with dry skin, especially on my hands during the winter, the hand wash instantly soothes the dry skin on the back of both of my hands and around my fingers, straight away making the skin feel soft and fresh with the beautiful aroma of Lavender surrounding them.

Each one of these beautiful products has brought me so much joy and has given me a relaxing evening to myself to enjoy the pleasant and nostalgic scent of Lavender, as I take an evening off from work and Christmas shopping!

Reignite Christmas Clem Loves

Switch off all technology and enjoy Christmas.

Technology and social media, can get very overwhelming. It’s nice to just switch it all off sometimes and have a bit of a break from it. But there is so much you can do without technology and still have a lot of fun. You could play board games with family, cook a meal or try something new from your favourite recipe book, (bake some Christmas cookies) decorate the christmas tree, go for a winter walk, go with your loved ones to a carol service or maybe take a look at what pantomimes are on at your local theatre.

One of my other favourite things to do, is having a drive around all the houses that put up pretty Christmas lights. There’s so much more you can do too, like Christmas craft activities, you could make your own decorations and reefs etc. Or maybe like me, you love to read. There are some truly magical Christmas books out this year. I’ve treated myself to a few and I can’t wait to start reading them.

Grab a journal and write down all the things you are thankful for this Christmas.  

This is something that can be done all throughout the year, but I feel that it’s especially important at Christmas time, to write down all of the things we are thankful for. It can make negatives seem a lot more positive and a chance to write down and look at what we have achieved throughout the year. The things that we are grateful for can often get overlooked. So it’s nice to stop and take a moment to take a deep breath and look around to remember everyone and everything that we are grateful for.

A few things I am grateful for this Christmas are my family and friends, all of my blogger friends, everyone who reads and supports my blog. My doctors and nurses, all of my friends at Church, my blog and my home. I could just keep writing and writing about all of the things I’m grateful for. Try it! It really makes you think, and just as I was writing those few things above, a huge smile just crept across my face.

It’s so easy towards the end of the year, to start thinking about all the things that we thought about doing or could have done and beat ourselves up about it. But don’t let it ruin your Christmas. Instead, grab a journal and write down all of the things that you have done this year and have accomplished and what you are most proud of. Then you can write down a list of the things that you can and want to do this next year and want to achieve by this time next year and make a plan of action. That’s what I’m going to be doing!

I would love to know what some of your tips are to reignite the magic of Christmas? And what are you grateful for this Christmas?

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Reignite Christmas Clem Loves

Reignite Christmas Clem Loves

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