5 Reasons Why I Keep a Journal

Ever since I was little I have loved writing, I find it quite therapeutic. I have so many notebooks lying around ready for when I want to jot something down. I love finding and looking back at journals I kept when I was little. Some of the things I wrote! 
Here are 5 reasons why I keep a journal.

Writing down my New Year’s resolutions and goals.
A journal is a great for writing down New Year’s resolutions and goals that you want to achieve. I like to look back every now and again and see what I want to achieve and what I have set out to do. Sometimes looking back at what I have written, helps me to remember ones that I have forgotten about, or gives me motivation to achieve that resolution and goal that I set out to do but didn’t finish.

This is one of the main reasons why I love keeping a journal. By writing things down you are able to look back at what you have written, whether that may be from a week ago or a year ago. I like to see what I have wrote and why I wrote that. It also allows me to look back at things that I did, like a holiday I went on or a day out. I found an old journal that I had got and started writing in when I was little, and it brings back so many memories that I had forgotten about.

Reflecting on things.
I can also see how I was feeling at a particular time and I can reflect on that and see how my feelings may differ now. I also find it very interesting to read what I wrote, things that happened, like a break-up for instance, what I was feeling at that particular time and now how I feel about it.

Writing down what is on my mind.
Writing in my journal allows me to privately write down what may be bothering me. I can also write down what has made me happy and my current feelings. I find it very helpful writing these types of things down, as I can look back and think, why did that affect me so much, or why did that make me feel happy. I also like to write down lists like the pros and cons of things, which also helps me to make better decisions. 

Writing helps me to feel less stressed.
Sometimes if I don’t feel like talking about things straight away, I like to write them down. It’s quite therapeutic actually. It also helps me to think more clearly and break down what is making me feel stressed so I can understand more what has caused this and what I can do differently. I am able to take a fresh perspective on those things. 

I would love to know if you keep a journal too?

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