5 Things That Make Me Feel Better After A Bad Day

Sometimes after a really rubbish day, there’s nothing better than to do some of the things I love. They help me to feel so much more relaxed and just forget about what made the day rubbish in the first place. Below I have listed 5 of the things that help me to feel much better.

Read a book.
This one just had to go at the top of the list, as I love reading a good book. Being sucked in to another world full of adventure, really helps to take my mind off of the things that have been bothering me. I’ve also found recently that reading really helps my anxiety too. If i’m feeling anxious, I like to grab a book, sit back and read.

Having a bath.
After a bad day, it’s nice to come home and have a nice warm relaxing bath, with lots of bubbles of course! Can’t forget the bubbles. I feel so much better afterwards, which then leads me on to the next thing in my list…

Pamper evening. 
Having a pamper evening really helps. Especially, like I mentioned above, after having a nice warm bath. I like getting my favourite facemask out and applying it to my face and then applying my face creams. I find it very relaxing and makes my skin feel all nice and soft. I also love paining my nails, (I’m really loving pink gel nail polish at the moment.) I like making my nails look all pretty again.

Catching up on TV shows.
Yes, I am obsessed when it comes to all things Netflix! Currently I’m watching Easy, Gilmore Girls, Lovesick, Once Upon A Time and Shadow Hunters. Haha, I know I’ve got a lot on my list that I’m currently watching, but I love catching up on some of my favourite shows.

Spending time with the people I love.
I always feel so much better talking to the people I love. It’s good to get things off your chest and to just have fun, to take your mind off things. This automatically makes that bad day go away in an instant.

What things help you when your having a bad day?

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