A Holly Jolly Christmas | Blogmas Day 3

It’s December 3rd, I’m thinking which Christmas film to watch next, reading Blogmas posts, getting excited about watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube and just thinking about Christmas…

It’s Blogmas day 3! I’ve been taking some photos of our Christmas tree and the decorations we have on the tree. I will be adding these to one of my blogmas posts very soon. I’m getting so excited just thinking about Christmas. I saw that the Christmas market is in Lincoln at the moment, I really want to go and have a look at it. I went last year and there was so many lovely stores and so much to look at. One thing I was very excited about though, was that they had a roasted chestnuts stall. I love roasted chestnuts, even though I make a mess when eating them when taking them out of the shells. Speaking of food, I remember when I was able to eat dairy, I always used to have some of those gorgeous truffle seashell chocolates at Christmas, Oh how I loved eating those. I used to eat so many. Haha, I always remember eating lots of bowls of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes too, without milk that is. I loved eating them just on their own. I always seemed to have certain foods that I loved to eat at Christmas when I was younger. I also used to love the selection boxes of biscuits. The chocolate chip cookies were always my favourite. 

Day 3 of the advent calendar opened 🙂 If you’re looking for some Christmas songs to get you in the Christmas mood, click here for Blogmas Day 1 for my Christmas playlist. Also click here for Blogmas Day 2.

Do you have any favourite foods you love to eat at Christmas? 



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