A Royal Picnic

Happy Thursday! And as it’s Thursday, it’s time for a brand new blog post! I’ve got today off work, so it’s given me a chance to upload some photos and do some writing. You may have noticed that I’ve called this post A Royal Picnic. Unfornatualy I didn’t get to meet or dine with any royalty, but I was however in Sandringham in Norfolk and we did have a very delicious picnic! Luckily Sandringham is only about an hour away from me, so it’s a great place to go to just for the day or for a long weekend. Sandringham is the Norfolk retreat of The Queen. I’ve mentioned quite a lot of times on my blog about how Sandringham is one of my favourite places to go to, especially as it’s only about 15 minutes away from the beach in Hunstanton. Sandringham is filled with gorgeous woods all over and Sandringham House. You are able to take your car into the woods and park in one of the many secret spots to just chill out, have a picnic or go for walk deeper into the woods. It is just such a beautiful place and one that I love so much.

The Queen’s house in Sandringham is just simply amazing and spectacular. I highly recommend going and having a look around. I’ve been to look round it a couple of times and the grounds. There is also a church next door and you are able to go watch all of the Royal Family go to and from the Church on Christmas Day. They also have a lovely shop and restaurant and a little stand where you can get ice cream. There’s a play area for the kids and just so much more you can do. As you see by the photos, this time of year is the best time to go, because the woods are filled with rhododendrons which are absolutely beautiful.

Today’s post is in collaboration with Miss Tunica. I was very kindly sent a tunic of my choice and a slip dress to wear. Although there were so many gorgeous tunics to choose from, it took me a little while as they are all so beautiful, I decided to go for the one you can see in the photos. This really caught my attention, everything from the pattern, colour and detailing I absolutely love. With this tunic I got a slip dress to wear which fits perfectly with the tunic. (When choosing a tunic you also get the option to choose a slip dress that will fit each particular tunic). What I love best about these photos, is that the rhododendrons actually match in with my tunic, which I didn’t actually realise until looking back at the photos!

The slip dress which you can get with your tunic enables you to go straight from the beach to the city, or in this case, to the woods! On a gorgeous sunny day, this tunic can be worn over your bikini and if you don’t want to get changed because you love your tunic so much like I do mine, you can just pop on your slip dress and carry on wearing your tunic. You can find the tunic I chose, here. I got mine in the size medium and the slip dress I also got in the size medium too.

Miss Tunica say that their tunics reflect the wild beauty of the Meditteranean Sea and its shores. And by viewing each of the tunics, you can really see that. Each tunic is beautiful and unique with bright colours and patterns. As you can see the one I chose has gold detailing around the neckline and around the bottom of the sleeves. It also has a drawstring middle. The tunic is light and feels lovely on the skin and is very comfortable to wear.

I was also very kindly sent a gorgeous necklace to wear. There is a wide range of body jewellery choose from which go perfectly with the the tuics. From necklaces, round the waist body jewellery and rings to ankle bracelets, there is so much to choose from. If you’re looking for next fashion staple to wear on holiday or to the beach, then I highly recommend checking out Miss Tunica. I just know your gonna love everything on their site. This beauty will definitely be coming with me on holiday.


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