Lifestyle: Breakfast Time


For my breakfast i usually have either porridge or boiled eggs with a runny yolk (If i dont over cook them!!!) I think its so important to have a good breakfast. Also when i have these for breakfast it fills me up and i dont snack.


There are many good reasons why you should eat eggs.

They keep you fuller for longer (which i have mentioned above)

They help with weight loss,

They are a great source of protein,

I have read that they are great for the eyes,

They also help you hair and nails to be healthy.


I also love to have poached eggs on toast too. I used to love fryed eggs on toast but i stopped eating them a long while ago because of the fat you put them in.


Benefits of eating porridge include…

The fibre in porridge can help digestion and reduce hight blood cholesterol.

They have essential nutrients.

Porridge also helps with weight loss.



I will also do a blog post on what i eat throughout the day 🙂


Clem x





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