Adventures in Sandringham Woods

My mum and I recently went to Sandringham in Norfolk. We both love going to Norfolk and one of my favourite places to go to is Sandringham Woods. When the weather starts to warm up we usually go out for the day around villages in Norfolk, I especially love coming hear because there is so much nature to see and it’s also very relaxing. The woods are huge and there are so many little walkways that you can take and explore. We usually take a picnic with us as you can drive through the woods and there are little driveways into certain parts  where you can park your car. There is so much wildlife, there are many different types of birds flying about, squirrels and if your lucky you may even see some deers. During this particular day out I was lucky enough to see 3 deers. It was in the two middle photos that I saw a deer so I went off to explore and could see the deer through the trees. I find it very relaxing being in the woods. 


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