Advice I Would Give To My Younger Self

I have seen a few of these posts lately and I find it very interesting in seeing what people would  change and do different. When we are young we tend to follow trends and do what other people are doing, but as we get older we start to wonder why we was like that ad why we did that. Below is a list of a few things that I would give as advice to my younger self. 

Ignore those people who put you down. 

I have put this top of my list because I feel it is very important. I got bullied and picked on, but I use to let it effect me so much. Although it is easier said than done to ignore someone who is doing that to you, looking back now I would tell myself to just ignore those people and that I am so much  better than them. At the time, as we are young its not always easy doing this because it is a territory that we don’t expect to be in. Now that I’m older I just ignore those people, yes since school they have tried contacting me and acting as though nothing has happened, but I don’t want those people in my life, so I just ignore them and I am getting on with my life rather than worrying about them. So the advice I would give my younger self would be to make sure you focus on your studies and be the amazing and beautiful person that you are and don’t worry what others think. 

You don’t have to wear loads of make up to fit in.

I have always loved wearing make up and experimenting, but there was time during year 9, that I started to wear loads of make up just because I thought it would make me fit in better. Looking back at photos now I can see how lovely my skin was and that I didn’t need all of that make up. I use to put so much foundation on (in the wrong shade) and end up having orange lines which did not look good. But at the time I thought I was bang on trend with all of the make up. The advice I would give my younger self would be to embrace how your skin looks and not pile on the make up. Another trend I was in to at the time during year 9. How I remember hacking away at those eyebrows! My mum first showed me how to do them properly, but once let loose with the tweezers those eyebrows soon became less and less. To this day I still have quite thin eyebrows because they never grew back properly! But they are so much better now than they used to be. I think at one point I had plucked them so much and made them so short that all I had was a little tiny eyebrow above each eye. My advice to my younger self would be to just pluck a few hairs because when your older you will regret it. 

Wear what you want to wear.

I used to feel when I was younger that I had to follow the trend of what everyone else was wearing. I used to love just putting 3/4 jeans on, some trainers and a t-shirt. But I remember going through the phase of when mini skirts were becoming more popular and crop tops. Looking back now I know that I was never really comfortable wearing them and I just wore then because everyone else used to. My advice to my younger self would be to just wear what your comfortable wearing and you don’t have to follow everyone else with what they are wearing. 

Always be yourself.

I was always obsessed with all the current trends were and what other people were doing. I never really stopped to think about what I wanted. My advice to my younger self is that it is so important to be yourself and be true to yourself. Enjoy being young and have fun.

Believe in yourself.

The advice I would give to my younger self it to believe in yourself. If you put your mind to something you can achieve it. Everyone makes mistakes but thats the whole point of learning, so you know what to do better next time. You can achieve your dreams, but you have just got to believe and you will succeed.

The overall advice I would give to my younger self is to always be true to yourself and be you. Going through can be tough but things will get better, you will go through college, do your HND and go to University. You are a beautiful person and you don’t need to hide yourself under layers of make up and the clothes you wear are great. Although you make beauty mistakes such as hacking off half your eyebrows, you learn as you go along and eventually you will get it right, its all about learning as you go along. The people who try and put you down just to make themselves feel better, you just need to ignore them and make you focus on yourself, once you leave school you will never have to see them again. You make lots of new friends who love you for who you are and appreciate you for who your are. You are beautiful, always remember that and keep on believing in yourself.  


Hi, I’m Clementine, but everyone calls me Clem and I am the founder of Clem Loves. I am a writer and online content creator. I am also an Audio Production graduate. Email me at 💕