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Today’s book review is by author George Mann titled Associates of Sherlock Holmes. I do love a book that takes me on an adventure. I also really like reading about Sherlock Holmes. You may remember one of my previous books reviews, on a brilliant book called A Study In Sable, in which Sherlock Holmes made an appearance. Anyway, I was so excited when this book arrived, as soon as I read about the book and read the title, I knew I just had to read it.

George Mann is author of the Newbury and Hobbes and The Ghost series, as well as short stories. He has also edited and written Sherlock books for Titan, which include Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, More Encounters of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box. George Mann has written audio and fiction scripts for the BBC’s Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. 

Famous associates of Sherlock Holmes, including clients, colleagues and villains, tell their own stories in this brand new book which follows adventures of Sherlock Holmes. We get to read about and join Sherlock Holmes in some new adventures by George Mann which features original stories that have been brought together. 

This book starts with The River Of Silence by Lyndsay Faye, which then follows on to other original stories by various different authors. The different angle used within this book adds a fresh perspective. I think it’s great that different stories are told by different characters, that have played parts in Sherlock Holmes’s adventures. I find it very helpful that each author within the collection of stories, have written a short introduction. 

The book is well presented and pictures the famous door number on the front. Underneath the title on the front cover, are the authors of the original stories. I am really liking the dark green colour of the book. It automatically makes me think of mysteries and adventures, with the main picture being of a closed door. 

Associates of Sherlock Holmes is out now. I highly recommend checking this book out, especially if you are a fan of the great detective and his adventures. 

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