Baylis & Harding Royale Bouquet | Review

You know when you get a product that has the most gorgeous packaging and you just really don’t want to use it in case you spoil it! This is how I feel about the super cute products in the photos above and below. I honestly can’t even begin to explain how much I adore the packaging of these. Let’s not even start on the amazing scent of each product! But I’m gonna anyway, because these smell so GOOD! I’m going to carefully use each one and definitely keep the bottles! I just don’t wanna part with them.

These products are by Baylis & Harding. If you have seen their products on sale, then you will most likely already know how pretty their products are. There is the Black Raspberry and Fig body wash, Verbena and Chamomile body lotion, Black Raspberry and Fig shower creme, Peach, Poppy and Vanilla bath soak crystals and the Raspberry and Fig body butter. 

First let’s start on the scent of these products. I absolutely love the scent of the Black Raspberry and Fig ones, I can really smell the raspberry in them. The scent is lovely and fruity but not overpowering. The Verbena and Chamomile body lotion definitely reminds me of something I’ve smelt before, but I just can’t put my finger it. It’s just a really lovely creamy. I can really smell the floral scent of the Verbena the most. It’s lovely, luxurious but subtle at the same time. Finally the Peach, Poppy and Vanilla bath soak crystals. I think out of all of the products, this one I am the most excited about. You get a generous amount of crystals in the round tub and the scent of them is quite strong, but in a really good way. As soon as I first smelt these I just got a wave of nostalgic feels. I think it’s because I’ve had this scent before in a product many years ago, so I think that’s why I just love it so much. I can’t really pinpoint out of the peach, poppy and vanilla is most prominent, but mixed together these bath soak crystals smell amazing. I just really want to know what it reminds me of! 

Now on to the packaging of these products. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I’m just  not going to be able to part with these. Out of the three different designs, I must say that I really do love the design of the Black Raspberry and Fig ones the most. Maybe it’s because they have got roses on and I love roses, but I love the colour scheme of them. If I could choose to have my walls with a new design, this would be it! I mean, how gorgeous would that look. Anyway, I’m going off track a little, but that’s not to say that I don’t love the design of the other two, because I really do. As some of you may know, pink is my most favourite colour and the design of the bath soak crystals, is so cute. The design of this is also quite similar to the Verbena and Chamomile body lotion, but a it’s a nice light purple colour.   

I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more products by Baylis & Harding and also stalking their Instagram, to see what new products there are! (You should definitely check out their Instagram).

Have you tried products by Baylis & Harding?

(I’m now going to watch some more of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and have some hot chocolate. I’ve just started watching it and I love it so much.)


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