Beauty: Clean & Clear – Advantage, Clear and Soothe Foaming Wash

I went to my local Superdrug a few days ago, as i was looking for a product that would help these bad breakouts that i keep getting. 

I have been reading a few reviews lately on the new Clean & Clear products and thought i might as well give them a go.

I bought the Clean & Clear – Advantage, clear and soothe foaming wash.

I never used to be sure about Clean & Clear as when i was younger i felt that these products made my breakouts worse and also dried my skin out a lot.

So i have been using this for a few days now morning and night and i can honestly say that so far so good. Although i have only been using this a little while, my spots have become much better and i haven’t had anymore breakouts.

This products also doesn’t dry my skin out and and doesn’t feel tight after using it.

How i use this product:

When i use this foaming wash morning and night all i do is put 1 pump on to my hands, as a little goes a long way, and then gently massage it in to my skin. I quite like the smell of this product its not strong and overpowering like some face washes. I then wait a few seconds and then rinse my face and gently pat dry with my towel.

I have really high hopes for this product and will continue to use it. My opinion has changed over Clear & Clear and i am very pleased with the new products they have brought out. As this product is Oil-free i have noticed how my skin isn’t as oily anymore and when i wake up in the morning how fresh my skin feels.

I will be doing a review on this after i have been using it a while longer to say weather it worked, what my thoughts are on it and my overall rating of this foaming wash.

Please let me know in the comment section below, your thoughts on this product and weather you have tried it 🙂


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