Beauty: Clean & Clear – Dual Action Oil-Free Moisturiser

After buying the Clean & Clear Foaming Wash, i was curious about this moisturiser, so i bought it to try.

Combines an oil-free moisturiser with a proven spot-fighting ingredient to help prevent spots and blemishes. Skin feels soft, smooth and beautiful. Fragrance-free.”

When i first tried this product in my night time skin routine, i noticed the tingling sensation it gives your skin, nothing bad of course. But as soon as i applied this product i noticed how fresher my skin felt.

Since using this product and also the foaming wash, i have noticed even more now how better my skin is with not being oily anymore. Occasionally my skin gets a bit oily but i have noticed a great improvement.

I have also noticed how much more moisturised my skin has become and with the spot fighting ingredients in this product i haven’t had a breakout and the spots which i have got have faded very quickly.

As i said in my last post on the foaming wash before i bought these products i wasn’t very keen on the Clean & Clear range as after trying them years ago, they did nothing to help my skin. But after buying these i am definitely converted!

I will also be doing a full review on this product after using it for a while longer. But  so far so good and i highly recommend these products by the Clean & Clear range.

This moisturiser is £2.39 from Boots.


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