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I was very kindly sent a digital version of The Blood Prince to read and review for Clem Loves.

After reading a fab book series, I do always feel quite sad when it ends. But at the same time it’s such an amazing feeling when you have followed the characters on their journey throughout an entire series and you get to join them until the end and to find out the final outcome. What a wonderful thing it is to find a fantastic book series that has swept me off my feet! Which is what The Sovereign series has done to me.

I am very honoured to be taking part in The Blood Prince blog tour. The Blood Prince is the third and final novel in the Sovereign series by Josie Jaffrey. Check out my reviews for Book 1 and Book 2.

From the very beginning, whilst reading book 1 in the Sovereign series, The Gilded King, I found myself truly captivated and mesmerised by this breathtaking story. The fast paced action, the adventure into the unknown and the strong bond and love between two people kept me hooked. And it’s been an amazing ride following the characters throughout.

Clem Loves. The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey. Book 3 In the Sovereign Series.

The Blood Prince

The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey

“The price of freedom is always paid in blood.

The sovereigns of the Silver have awakened, but the Queen is a fractured shell of the

woman Cam remembers. He hopes to put her back together by finding her son, the missing prince. At least, that’s what he tells his friends when he leaves for the Red.

Back in the Blue, Julia’s old tormentor Rufus is hounding her at every turn. She’s sick of feeling powerless, but she has a plan that will bring the Nobles to their knees.

All she needs is blood.”

The Blood Prince is the final book in Josie Jaffrey’s Sovereign trilogy, set in a dystopian Europe where vampiric Nobles control the last remnants of the human race.”

The story follows on with Julia and Cam’s journey into The Red, although both on two almost separate missions, each ties in fantastically with the other. From chapter to chapter, each goes to Julia’s journey and the other to Cam’s and both meet perfectly at the end.

In the third and final novel, after the return of the Queen and the awakening of the King, a lost Prince needs to be found. Taken from his mother at a very young age but has absolutely no idea that he is indeed the Prince and nor does anyone else know that he is the Prince, except from the one person whose intention is to cause further destruction.

Things are changing very quickly in the Blue. What was classed as a safe place for those living within it, has quickly become a place of fear and devastation. With monsters on the outside and monsters on the inside, Julia must find a way to end this once and for all and to help those she loves.

Julia soon realises that shes not the only one who wants things to change, who wants the madness of what is happening inside and outside of the Blue to stop. Julia has to venture out in to the Red again, a place that has been filled with havoc and horrors from years gone by.

Julia, is a strong, brave and fearless young woman, who will do everything she can to put an end to what the world has become. This vampire-esque apocalyptic one, that once was the thriving place that you and I know today. She is willing to do what it takes to save those she loves and cares deeply for.

Cam has promised his friend Emmy that he will find the lost Prince and bring him back to The Blue. With the help of the other Invicti, and Felix, the person he cares and loves very much. it’s a race against time to find him, as someone appears to already know who the Prince is. But the Prince they are searching for is a lot closer than they realise and always has been.

I absolutely love the relationship between Cam and Felix. I’ve been rooting for them since the beginning and I’ve loved watching their relationship blossom, as with Lucas and Julia. Lucas and Julia have had their relationship tested throughout, but they always find each other again and they never stop loving each other. After silvering for Julia, his love for her deep and true.

Josie has created a fantastic world, with characters I have truly adored from beginning to end. This third and final novel, concludes with a brilliant end. Although I’m very sad that the sovereign series has ended, it’s been such a pleasure to read these wonderful three novels and to meet such amazing characters. A must-read for all YA and fantasy lovers.

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Clem Loves. The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey. Book 3 In the Sovereign Series.


“Julia sipped at her tea, relishing the warmth as it spread into her chest.

‘I just thought he was going to change things,’ she said. ‘I thought the Queen was supposed to come back, wake up the King and bring us a cure for the contamination.’

‘But you know what the contamination really is now. We both know what it really is.’

The Weeper vaccine. The Silver cure.

Julia had told Livia the truth the moment she’d returned from the Red.

‘I know,’ said Julia, ‘but still, shouldn’t something have changed? All the lives lost and battles fought and still things are happening exactly as they used to. The Candidates are still being cast, the Attendants are still bleeding, the Servers are still slaving, and above it all the Nobles are still taking exactly what they want from us. How is that fair?’

Livia settled back in her seat.

‘Well, now, that depends on what you’re asking. If you’re asking how it’s fair that they’ve used us for this long, then the answer is it’s not. It’s never been fair, and there’s no wiping that blame away from them. But if you’re asking how it’s fair that they’re still allowed to use us when you know very well what has the power to make them stop… Well, that’s a different question, isn’t it?’

Julia put her tea aside, no longer thirsty.

‘What are you saying?’ she said.

‘You know what’s in the blood of them outside the Blue. The way I see it, you’ve got a choice: either you accept things as they are, or you do something about it.’

Julia couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Yes, she’d resolved to change the way that things were in the Blue, and yes, the thing that had motivated her was the knowledge that the contamination could be used as a weapon against the Nobles, but she hadn’t quite put the two together into a course of action. The thought of actually using that weapon felt too extreme to contemplate.

But it was the logical end point, one Julia knew she’d have to accept.”

If you haven’t yet read Book 1 in the series, I highly recommend giving it a read right now. The Gilded King, is FREE to download here. Get your copy now and let me know in the comments what your favourite parts of the story are?

The Blood Prince is available to purchase now.

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Clem Loves. The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey. Book 3 In the Sovereign Series.
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