Booja – Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate

I always get super excited when I find a new product that I am able to eat that is dairy, wheat and gluten free. I recently went to my local Holland and Barrett store and as I was browsing I came across these gorgeous little pots of chocolate ice cream. I have actually come across this brand before but have never actually tried anything from their range. As you can see on the pot it says ‘Luxuriously rich, truffley smooth, dark chocolate.’ Let me tell you these little pots of deliciousness stay true to their word. I mean, I cant get enough of these. If I could I would most likely eat a whole freezer of these, minus the freezer of course. Just thinking of these now is making my mouth water!

Booja-Booja is based in Norfolk and have a wide range of delicious products (highly recommend checking them out) that are dairy free, gluten free, raw, soya free, sugar free and organic. They are also vegan.
You can check Booja-Booja out over at their website  
Booja Booja  also now give 5% of profits from the sale of their Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla Alternative to Dairy Ice Cream to support the conservation work of Fauna & Flora International, which is part of the Interantional Gorilla Conservation Programme. You can find out more on the following link – 


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