Caves, Safari and Witches

How beautiful is this photo above, I took it whilst on the bus ride around Cheddar. It makes me want to be there again right now.

Clemloves has been a little bit quiet this last week, and that’s because I’ve been on holiday. My friend Emma and I went on holiday to Somerset and stayed in the Wookey Hole Hotel. We stayed there for 4 nights, the hotel room was lovely, we had our own ensuite, TV, desk and chairs and there was free wifi. We arrived on the Monday and just spent the evening relaxing, then on the Tuesday we went to Longleat, to look round the safari park and the house. Having never been to Longleat before I was so excited to go, especially after watching the TV series that came on ages ago about it.

As I mentioned above, the hotel was lovely and also included a life size statue of a witch outside, (see photo below.) Although the hotel was right next door we didn’t actually go in to Wookey Hole caves, but hopefully I will be able to do that next time. I went when I was very young, but I can’t really remember it much now. The hotel was about a minutes walk from a couple of pubs, so we decided to have a meal at one of the pubs for tea. The one we went to had a garden round the back, so we sat and relaxed in the sunshine. I ordered some chips, as it can be quite hard to find places that have something that I can eat, as I can’t have dairy, wheat and gluten. Because of my IBS I also can’t have anything with onion and garlic in. But the chips were homemade and were so good.

We arrived early for Longleat so we could avoid all of the traffic. There are so many beautiful animals in the safari part of Longleat. We saw tigers, lions, monkeys, gorillas, deer, giraffes and zebras and so many more different types of animals. There was one part of the safari that I absolutely loved, and that was where you drive through the deer enclosure part and they come right up to your windows and pop their heads in to your car to say hello. The deer were so lovely and very inquisitive! We also went on a boat ride and a train ride. 
The weather was lovely and was the hottest day all week.

After looking around on the safari, we then went to have a look around Longleat house, which is huge, amazing and beautiful. We got to look around a lot of the house and the furniture was gorgeous and the rooms are very grand. I highly recommend having a look round the house if you are visiting Longleat

On the Wednesday we went to Cheddar caves, which are AMAZING! I’ve never been to look at Cheddar caves before. The caves (Gough’s Cave) are so beautiful and we had one of these phone things and you press numbers on it that are on signs around the caves and then the phone thing tells you all about certain points in the cave. Many, many, many years ago people even lived in the caves, (14,700 years ago to be precise!) As you go into the caves, on the left there is a skeleton that was found and is called the Cheddar man and is Britain’s oldest skeleton, about 9,000 years old. 

After the caves we went over to the museum which was on the opposite side of the road. It was so interesting learning about the people who would had lived in the caves. They even had skeletons in the museum that were found.  After this, we then had some dinner and then went to look in the some more caves in Cheddar. The next cave we went in is called Cox’s Cave and as soon as you walk into the caves you embark on a multimedia experience of our ancestors. The caves were beautifully lit up. Here’s a video that I found online. 

On the Thursday, which was our last full day of the holiday, we had a ride back to Cheddar to have a look around at the shops and have a walk round. The holiday went so quick, but we had a really good time and I really enjoyed it. We just relaxed during the evening and watched a film. Then it was time for bed. On the Friday it was time to go home.

I would love to know if you have visited any of the places I have mentioned above and where you have been and really enjoyed?

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