Chicken and Pasta with Yogurt Dressing | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free

I’m really excited to share with you today another one of my most favourite meals. You can find my previous recipes for chicken and mash, here and my homemade rice pudding, here. I absolutely love pasta, it’s one of my favourite ingredients to use. Literally just about anything can be put with it. This quick and easy recipe, consists of just three ingredients and a little seasoning. Also a little garnish on top of you want to add something extra.

Ingredients –

Gluten free pasta.
Dairy free yogurt. (I sometimes use soya yogurt or coconut yogurt.)
Mixed herbs.

all you need, but feel free to add any other ingredients that you love.
Sometimes if I don’t have any chicken, I like to use turkey mince.
Firstly I cook the meat, as the pasta usually only takes about 10
minutes, or depending how long you usually cook your pasta for. Next
after the meat has cooked or is finishing off cooking, I prepare the
pasta. Once the pasta and meat are both cooked, I add about 3-4
tablespoons of dairy free yogurt to the pasta then add the chicken and
mix together. I like to add a little mixed herbs to the pasta and
chicken too, just to give it that little bit extra. Then it’s ready to

you have already cooked a chicken, this recipe is great for when you
are looking for something to have with the leftover chicken, which is
what I like to do. Especially if you are cooking chicken this time of year for Christmas meals. All you then need to do is prepare the pasta, add
some yogurt and you have got the meat already done. This meal is also great served hot or cold, for when you want to have your lunch on the go.

What are your favourite past dishes?

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