Christmas At Lush

I was super excited when I found out that Lush was going to be bringing out their Christmas stock (Two things I love, Christmas and Lush.) So it was only fitting that I went to my local store to have a peek. As I walked in I was mesmerised with the gorgeous scent that was drifting towards me and the beautiful colours of the bath products. I have a huge love for Lush stores because every single member of staff are so nice and friendly and always there to help. I went straight over to right hand side where the majority of the Christmas stock was and was I blown away by how colourful everything was.    

I also got the chance to see a demonstration of the bath bomb Northern Lights, which let me tell you, it smells amazing. With scents of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang this is a very relaxing and calming bath bomb, bursting with colours. What I also love about this bath bomb, is that once in water and this beauty starts fizzing away, lots of little stars start swirling around your bath. How great is that. Not only do you the magnificent show of colours, you also get stars. I loved it so much I even bought a couple for my mum and myself. 

A few of my favourites were definitely The Christmas Penguin, The Christmas Hedgehog, Dashing Santa, Father Christmas, Butter Bear and Drummers Drumming.

Photos taken by myself at the Lush store in Lincoln.


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