Beauty: Clinique – Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector – Review



So I decided that I would buy the new CC cream by Clinique to give it a try…






When I first saw this product I really liked the tube that it was in, I also like the packing box in which Clinique put their products in, as the go in to great detail on their products so you know what it does and what is in it.

To get the foundation out you squeeze the tube as it does not have a pump on. I prefer this as I feel which pumps, that you can sometime end up with too much and you can never always get all of the product out. But I feel this CC cream is very hygienic to use as you are not dipping your finger in to it!! You are also able to get the correct amount out that you require.




When I applied the CC Cream and Coverage:


When I applied the foundation to my skin it goes on very easy and does not dry to quickly so you are able to put all over your face before it dries.

My skin felt much softer after I applied the foundation to my skin and felt moisturised.

The only thing that I found was that I feel that I needed more coverage on my skin. I feel it did work as  a colour corrector, as it did help the redness on my face slightly, but didn’t help the redness not as much as I had hoped. A lot of people have said that they use a foundation over top of the CC cream or they mixed in some of the Clinique BB cream and this created more coverage. I did not try this though because I do not like the feel of having too much foundation on my skin as I don’t like the feel of my skin being caked up. 


This product does last quite a while on your skin, but I felt that after about

2-3 hours my skin started to become quite oily in places. I had read some reviews and a lot people were saying that it may be best to try the CC Cream without any moisturiser underneath, as my skin can get very dry I had been putting moisturiser on before applying the CC Cream. I tried this and although I did notice a slight difference, my skin was still oily.




The shade I bought is Very Light as I have very fair skin.

It is £28.00 for 40





Overall verdict:

This foundation is fragrance free which is what I look for in a foundation because of my sensitive skin. I was slightly disappointed as my skin became quite oily throughout the day and I did not get a full coverage.

I do love Clinique products, and I love to see what new products they have, but I feel that I still prefer out of the two, prefer the Clinique BB Cream.

But this may not be the same for everyone, this is just my opinion on the CC Cream. I don’t regret buying it as I have been using it for a couple of months now as I am going to use it all up before I buy my next foundation.



Comes in great packaging,

Easy to apply to your skin,

 Does not feel heavy on the skin,

Fragrance free,

Good colour for my skin in ‘Very Light’
Sin feels moisturised.



My skin still has redness to it.

My skin started to get quite oily throughout the day,

Not as much coverage on my skin as I had hoped.



I give this product an overall score of 4/5.

I give it this score because although there are a few con’s, I feel that it is a good foundation, but everyone’s opinion is different and foundation works differently on everybody’s skin. I love the fact that it is fragrance free, as this can be very hard to come by in a foundation. I just feel that this product is not for me.




I hope you found this review useful



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