Creating The Perfect Office Space In Your Home.

Today’s post is all about finding that perfect desk to create your very own perfect home office space. As I live at home with my mum, I have my little office area in my room. I like to have part of my room separate where I can work, as before I had a desk, I would just write on my bed. I feel it’s important to have a separate working space, even if like me, it’s next to your bed, but still in a separate part of your room. Having a little office space helps to really motivate more and helps me to get work done. It also means that I’ve got another little part of my room that I can personalise and fill with my favourite things!

If there’s one thing that I am constantly pinning on to my Pinterest, it’s home office inspiration. Having my own little office area in my room is so important to me. I love to have a specific place where I can write and work. I have a section of my room where I keep my desk, which has everything next to me that I may need. I love a desk to have draws, so I can keep all of my little bits and bobs in them, handy for when I need to use them. Underneath I keep all of my books that I used whilst studying for University. My desk is also home to 2 of my little Bonsai Trees! I spend so much time at my desk, so it’s a very important feature in my room. When creating a home office space, it’s so important to create a space that makes you feel motivated. I am always on the lookout for office inspiration, as it’s good to change things up now and again and helps to motivate me. If you have any posts on some office inspiration, please send your links this way. I love looking at ways I can add to my little home office area.

Clem Love Home Office

Finding that perfect desk for your home office

When looking for a new desk, there are a few things that I always look for. As I mentioned above, I love a desk to have draws. I also like a desk to have enough space on top for my MacBook, plants and books. I like there to be enough room underneath to keep important books and anything blog related that I have. Whilst looking for inspiration for new desks on LionsHome UK, I came across a few desks that I absolutely love. But I’ve narrowed it down to my two most favourite ones. They are two very different desks but have everything that I look for in one. The first desk on the left actually looks like a proper little office cubicle desk. I love the design of it so much. There are little shelves across the length of the desk and it also has a space in the middle, as you can see in the image below, where you could put photos. There is enough room underneath to put all of my books and it even has a compartment on the right where you can store things. I am extremely tempted by this desk! The other desk on the right is a little different to the usual standard desk, but I think it’s amazingly designed. I love that you have a section where you can work and then you can just swivel your chair around and you have got another part where you can put and store things. I feel this would look great in my little home office corner.

LionsHome UK Home Office

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I feel that these desks are perfect for both work and leisure. A desk will be used to work on, but it’s also so important to have a desk that helps you to wind down and relax. A few other things that I feel really helps to create the perfect home office space, is to have your work area positioned where there is plenty of natural light. The area where I have my workspace is right next to my window, so I am able to get plenty of natural light coming at me whilst working. I feel this really helps to create a happier working space. Also having a really nice comfy chair. I actually use a chair that my mum gave me that was hers. It very comfy to sit on and I like to put a couple of cushions on it too to make it even comfier.

I like to keep plants on my desk as it makes me happy. I currently have two little Bonsai Trees on my desk and also another potted plant. Anyone else loves keeping plants on their desks? Personalising your desk makes it more you. I have my camera next to me on mine ready to use, I also have a mug and cup with Moomins on that I like to keep things in and I also have two little cute jars with rose gold paperclips in. It’s the little things that can really make a home workspace so much more. I would love to know what you like to keep on your desk?

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