Do You Believe In Fairies?





I love, love, love Disney, I have done ever since I was little. I’ve always loved Bambi and Tinker Bell. I think one my most favourite Disney films though has to be Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I love that film, I remember owning it on video and it was always the first video I went to, to put on. 
I think my next favourite Disney film is Cinderella, I’ve always loved Cinderella, she’s definitely one of my favourite Disney Princesses. I also love The Haunted Mansion film with Eddie Murphy in. I remember when I was a lot younger and my mum and dad took me to Disney World, they couldn’t keep me off The Haunted Mansion ride! Definitely one of my my favourite rides at Disney, I also love Splash Mountain, which is like a 10 minute ride and I loved so much. 

How gorgeous are these two beauty bags?
I picked these two beauties up on my trip to Primark. The first one really caught my eye as I love Tinker Bell, especially as it says on the bag ‘Do you believe in fairies?’ I haven’t actually put anything inside the Tinker Bell one yet, as I’m still deciding what to put in it.
The next beauty bag I absolutely love, I didn’t even decided whether to get this one, I just simply picked it up and off I went to the till. I’ve actually decided to use this little beauty for my make up, although I am going to keep my brushes in a separate bag with my more messier make up, as I know what I’m like and I cant bare to get this little Bambi bag dirty.
I’ve really been loving all of the beauty bags in Primark lately, although I do have quite a few, I love getting them because they come in really handy to put things in, as I can be a little messy and everything ends up everywhere!

Please let me know in the comment section below if you have recently picked up some really cute beauty bags.


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