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“Dork Diaries, the phenomenally popular series by Rachel Renee Russell is
expanded once more with the release of the ninth book – Dork Diaries, Drama

As a huge book lover I am obsessed with books, from a very young age I have loved to read. *I was recently sent a copy of Dork Diaries, Drama Queen by Rachel Renee Russell to review. I love to be able to help out and as I am very passionate about books, I love to review books. Here is a little bit about the series and the author –

“The series has appeared on the New York Times bestseller top ten non-stop for over a year
and the series has over 13 million copies in print worldwide. The books, which are the
personal diary of 14 year old Nikki Maxwell feature drawings, doodles and comic strips that
chronicle the daily drama in her life.

Rachel Renee Russell has said that this series was inspired by her own middle school
experiences, as well as those of her two daughters, Erin and Nikki. Her older daughter, Erin,
helps with writing the Dork Diaries series and her younger daughter, Nikki, helps with

This book is brilliantly written and I love the doodles, fun illustrations and comic strips. I also love that Rachel’s two daughters help out with the Dork Diaries series, with the writing and the illustration, it really gives it a much more personal touch to the book. This book is fantastic for the younger reader and especially of the same age as the characters in the book who are going through middle school. Mean girl Mackenzie has stolen Nikki’s diary and through this book we follow Mackenzie as Dork Diaries takes a twist. But reading Nikki’s diary isn’t the only thing that mean girl Mackenzie is interested in. I have really enjoyed reading Dork Diaries, Drama Queen, I’m not going to give too much away as it’s a book you really do need to read. I personally can’t wait for the next book to come out as I really want to know what happens next. As you can see in the photo above how eye catching the front cover of the book is, I absolutely love it. I love a good front cover on a book as it’s the first thing I notice when looking at a new book. 

The other books in the Dork Diaries series all look so good, and their are so many great reviews on the whole series and I’ve read how people can really relate to these books and how they are helping them. I feel this is so important when a book can do this and is very valuable. There are so many different topics within this book that you can really relate to and I personally relate to during my time at school. The book goes through different issues that currently effect younger people who are at middle school, such as boyfriends, first kiss, school bullies and general every day to day school life. 

You can find these books in local bookstores, supermarket and you can also find them online.  

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(I love the Dork Diaries website, Its so fun and colourful with lots of different
activities to get involved in and sign up to.)

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