Easter Memories

Easter chicks Clemloves

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. I may have had a little bit too much chocolate to eat yesterday…

I definitely won’t be having that much chocolate all at once again! I decided that I would skip a nice healthy breakfast and go for an Easter egg instead. But it’s Easter after all, so I although I may have made myself feel quite sick, I enjoyed it and I regret nothing!

As I am currently writing this post, I am also watching The Mummy Returns, I love those films. One thing I always get excited about during half term is the films they put on TV. Like at Christmas time, I always look forward to the Home Alone films coming on!  

Easter chicks Clemloves

Easter chicks Clemloves

A twitter chat that I recently joined in with, got me thinking about Easter when I was younger. I always used to get so excited for Easter, (I still do.) I would go to Sunday School at Church and then come back home afterwards to go on an Easter egg hunt. My mum and dad would hide Easter eggs outside the house and around the garden. I loved going on an Easter egg hunt and finding all of the Easter eggs. Afterwards we would all sit down and have a lovely Sunday roast. I loved going round my Nan and Grandads to have a nice Sunday Roast. Although I did used to go a bit mad with the Yorkshire Puddings. I literally just had a plate of Yorkshire Puddings with my Sunday roast!  

I have always loved eating my Easter eggs on Easter Sunday morning. As I mentioned above, I already did that yesterday morning, but maybe ate a little bit too much chocolate! When I was little I would put all of my Easter eggs together and get them ready for the next morning to eat, although some of them may have got eaten before Easter Sunday! 

As I am now unable to have dairy, wheat and gluten, I have to have free from Easter eggs. But you know what, they taste delicious, just because they have different ingredients in them doesn’t mean they are less tasty, they are very tasty. One of my favourite brands is Choices, I love their chocolate. I have managed to find quite a few different ones in the supermarkets over the last couple of years, so if your like me and can’t have dairy, wheat and gluten, don’t worry, there are some very delicious Easter Eggs out there.

Easter chicks Clemloves

Easter chicks Clemloves

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