Father’s Day Gift Ideas, With Personalised Parties

So the bbq I mentioned about in yesterdays post, was so good. It was nice to have a relaxing evening and watch a show on Netflix under the duvet on the sofa. I also may have fallen asleep and missed a couple of episodes! But it was a really nice night. The weather has gone a little cooler today, but I’m still hoping that we still get some more really nice warm days real soon. Hopefully, there be a few more bbq’s yet!

I don’t about you, but I always find it quite difficult to know what to get guys for gifts. Whether it be for my boyfriend, friend or dad, I always know what to get my girlfriends and my mum, But when it comes to getting a guy a present, I don’t always know what to get them. As Father’s Day is coming up, for today’s post I want to share with you a few ideas on what you could get for Father’s Day, from Personalised Parties. Getting someone a personalised item makes it that bit more personal and special, which is why I am loving these two items that you can see in the photos above and below. I am very honoured to be collaborating with Personalised Parties, to bring to some gift ideas for Father’s Day.

I was kindly sent this notebook and mug, which I personalised myself on the website. You may remember a little while back I write a post sharing a couple of super cute Unicorn products by Personalised Parties. Having previously chosen to have the products personalised before, the website is very easy to navigate around and to personalise your gifts. With the gifts I chose in this post, I decided to go for the bicycle-themed ones. I think they are so cute and know that my dad will love them. You can personalise the back and front of these. I just decided to personalise the back of them.

There is a range of different products that you can choose from in the Father’s Day section of the website. There are more notebooks and mugs with different designs, chocolate bars and wrapping paper, all with matching designs. The products are amazing quality and affordable. My items arrived safely in the post and well packaged.

I love to get gifts for people that I know they can use and gifts that will last a long time. Which is why I decided to go for these two. A mug can last for a very long time and a notebook can be used daily. It’s also a very handy thing to have, to write date lists, ideas and notes etc. On the back, I personalised one item with the words ‘I Love You’ and on the other ‘Happy Father’s Day’. As I mentioned above you can get different designs of the same product. There’s a toolbox design and also a retro tech design. You can get matching chocolate bars and wrapping paper too, which I absolutely love. If your dad loves to drink tea, then the personalised mug is the perfect gift. Or maybe your dad like to write things down, the notebook would be great for that. Or maybe your dad has a sweet tooth, if so the chocolate bar will go down a treat.

If you are looking for some great Father’s Day gifts, I highly recommend checking out Personalised Parties. Especially if like me, you don’t always know what to get someone. Why not get them a personalised gift!


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