Festival Essentials

Photo taken by myself at V Festival 2013

Its festival time once again and in this post I am going to be going through the essentials to take with you. These are the things that i myself take to a festival. I usually go to V Festival which is amazing!

Now don’t do what i did last year at V festival! I didn’t even realise until I got there and got everything unpacked in the tent, that i forgot my sleeping bag, pillow and blanket! The blanket in the photo below you can see is one that our friends let me borrow, as the floor isn’t the comfiest thing to lay on.

Photo taken by myself at V Festival 2013

Below (in no particular order) are the essentials i pack  try to not forget when going to a festival.

1. Baby Wipes. 

The main item that i like to take plenty of is baby wipes! You can never have too many baby wipes at a festival. I use these in the morning to have a baby wipe wash. 

2. Bottles of water. 

These are great for having to drink and also to use to keep clean as it does get quite muddy at festivals and mud literally gets everywhere!

3. Sleeping Bag. 

Always remember to take your sleeping bag and don’t forget like i did last year. Im usually really good at remembering to take it to a festival. Next i won’t leave packing till last minute.

4. Pillow. 

It feels so good coming back to your tent at night and having a nice soft pillow to lay on. Not like me last year when i also forgot this and had to use my coat as a make shift pillow. Let me tell you, it wasn’t the comfiest!

5. Blanket. 

It does get quite cold at night at a festival when the temperature drops, so its also good to have a blanket, especially in the morning to snuggle up in to. 

6. Face wipes. 

These are great to have for taking off make up. I like the one by Simple. You want to try and take as least as possible to a festival so make up wipes are very handy. 

7. A hat. 

I actually bough my hat from V Festival. During the day it gets very warm and a hat is good to have to shade your head and face from the sun. 

8. Suncream. 

I like to go for a high SPF factor. I like to put plenty of suncream on as when its warm, its warm. The lobster isn’t a great look. 

7. A small bag. 

I like to just take a small back pack or a small shoulder bag to put my stuff in. Its best to not take anything expensive with you and to just keep items to a minimum. I usually have my phone, some money, inhalers, compact mirror and a hairbrush with me. 

8. Wellies. 

Wellies are the best things to wear on your feet at a festival due to all the mud, especially when its been raining. I did witness and encounter a few people get stuck in very sloppy mud with their sandals on and also people just leaving their shoes stuck in the mud and having to go bare foot!

9. Make up. 

I don’t really like to wear a lot of make up at a festival. All i take with me and apply in the morning is moisturiser, eye cream, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. I also like to have a lip balm with me to keep my lips moisturised. 

10. Snacks. 

I like to snacks with me because the food there can be a little expensive. Also if you are like me and are unable to eat certain foods then its good to have something with you. 

11. Clothes. 

I like to take just two pairs of shorts and a couple of tops with me, and fresh underwear of course! I don’t really take a lot of clothes with me as they end up getting muddy and dirty anyway. I also like to wear a long pair of knee high socks under my wellies because they keep my feet mice and warm when it gets cooler in the evening. I also like to take my parka jacket with me to keep nice and warm. It also has a hood on too just in case it rains. For bed time i like to have some nice warm PJ’s with me.

12. Poncho.

I like to have a poncho with me just in case it rains as there isn’t always somewhere that you can shelter under and you don’t want to miss your favourite band playing. They usually have lots on sale in the main area of the festival. I usually get mine from there. They just keep everything nice and dry including your bad as you don’t want soggy belongings.

13. Dry Shampoo.

Dry shampoo is a must for me at a festival, as it keeps your hair looking and smelling fresh when you are unable to wash it for a few days! 

Photo taken by myself at V Festival 2013

Photo taken by myself at V Festival 2013

If you are going to a festival i hope you have a really amazing time. Please let me know in the comment section below what essentials you like to take with you to a festival and what festival you are going to this year.


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