Lifestyle: First time at the gym!

I’ve never actually been to a gym before!! But I just been feeling really tired lately and feeling not very strong, so I decided that it is time I changed my ways and got my self fit!

Here is a photo of me at the gym which my boyfriend took as he was also at the gym (he had to show me how to use everything, as I hadn’t got a clue!) 

I recently bought some new pink and white Nike trainers as these felt really comfy for wearing to the gym, I also wore my LA Gear top and bottoms. These were really comfy to wear whist at the gym.

I was in the gym for about just over an hour, and when I come out I felt so good and my body felt so good too, I just wanted to go back in there for another hour! I also went swimming the other day as the last time I went was when I was 17!! And I am now 23! A long while I know. I have never been a very strong swimmer and I can only really swim well on my back but I gave it a try and I really enjoyed it 🙂

I also have a cross trainer at home and a rowing machine and treadmill. But I just never felt motivated to use them, but I have told myself that I am going to do this and get fit! Also being a drummer I need as much strength as I can, so I really feel that I will benefit from this change, and getting myself motivated to get fit.

I plan on going to the gym again this coming week and to also use the equipment I have got home, I also plan to go swimming again too.

I have also been carrying on with my healthy eating due to the diet in which I have got to stay on due to my stomach. If you have read one of my previous blog posts then you will remember me saying how I have cut out dairy, fried and roasted foods. I have also cut out fizzy pop and spicy foods. A bit boring I know, but I feel so much better for doing this and combined with the exercise I feel so much better in my self, I have also noticed a great difference in my skin as it is a lot more clear and I haven’t been breaking out as much. I also love to go in the sauna after I have been swimming as this really relaxes me and gives my skin a nice glow when I come out. 

I would love to know what type of gym equipment you like to go and also any healthy foods which you love, as I love to try new things.


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